Local Skills Improvement Fund

Leicester College, along with its partners Loughborough College, North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College and SMB College Group, was successful in bidding for funding through the Government’s Local Skills Improvement Fund.

We have successfully been awarded funds to develop training. The training will meet local employers’ skills needs in key industries, including the green sector. 

With this in mind we have developed training programmes to support 4 key aims: 

  1. Decarbonising transportation
  2. Green leadership skills
  3. Digital upskilling
  4. Employer skills training – ESOL and basic skills

All training that is offered as part of the initiative is low cost for students/employers, simply to cover administration costs. Take a look at the courses on offer below. 

Decarbonising transportation 

We are working to support local businesses to upskill their existing workforce in electric/hybrid vehicles with two short courses focusing on the knowledge and skills needed to work on live high voltage vehicle battery systems and components. We are delivering this through targeted engagement with employers who we already work with.  

Green leadership skills 

All of the following courses form our Green Management Training Suite. After completing each course you will receive a CPD certificate. 

1 day, level 4 

By the end of this short course, you will understand the impacts of climate change, carbon emissions, air pollution, and legislation. We will discuss both global and local effects. 

1 day, level 4  

Gain an understanding and appreciation of sustainable concepts and managing waste reduction and pollution. 

1 day, level 4 

Learn about the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems. Study sustainable drainage designs, land status and protection, managing invasive species, legislation, and ecological surveys. 

1 day, level 4 

By the end of this course will understand energy and building services conservation, building efficiencies and performance, and heat loss/gain calculations. 

1 day, level 4

Discover about renewable energy, heat pumps, biomass, anaerobic digestion, and hydroelectric, wind and solar energy. This will help your organisation and/or clients become more sustainable. 

Digital upskilling 

1 day, level 3 

This 1-day course is designed for anyone interested in AI. You need basic computing skills. After the course, you will appreciate and understand what AI is. You will also understand how computers predict from data sources. Additionally, you will learn how AI interprets visual information and its value as a tool. 

1 day, level 3

Learn how to transform, organise, and visualise data using widely used spreadsheet tools, like Excel. Gain hands-on experience in leveraging Excel for efficient data manipulation and representation.           

1 day, level 3

Exploring core concepts of cloud computing and how it has transformed the delivery of IT services. Discover how the internet has become the central place for data and IT services. In doing so, making traditional on-premises networking a thing of the past. Look at the differences between traditional networking and cloud computing. Learn about Oracle and AWS cloud services.    

Employer skills training 

Designed for employers to help upskill your workforce. As well as the courses below we can also offer basic English, maths and digital skills to support the productivity of your organisation.

To assess the needs of your organisation and workforce we can carry out a comprehensive training and skills needs assessment. The training offered will then be tailored to meet your specific needs.

ESOL for engineering and manufacturing. 6 weeks (2 hours per week), level 3 

ESOL and maths, 6 weeks (2 hours per week), level 3

For more information about employer skills training please contact us.

Skills need assessment employer contact form

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What our Partners Say...

“We have enjoyed a valuable partnership with our local college. It is dynamic and has changed to match the changing landscape in which we operate.”

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust Senior Learning and Development Manager

“Leicester College has been a valuable partner, supporting us to utilise our apprenticeship levy in away that provides our people with meaningful development”

Samworth Brothers Group People Director