Student Enrichment

We understand that joining a new college can be a bit daunting, and this is why you have our support available at Leicester College.

The Student Enrichment Team (SET) organise and provide opportunities to build your knowledge, expertise, skills, understanding and personal development through leisure and enrichment activities.

SET are passionate about organising a fantastic calendar of events for you to enjoy. We implement activities that can enrich your life, raise your awareness of the diverse society we live in, provide platforms for you to share your/other thoughts and opinions and give you new experiences. This includes attending workshops, going on trips, getting involved with the local community through volunteering or engaging in charity work. These activities allow you to have fun, enhance your life experience and future employability.

It is important for us to make you feel valued, involved and listened to so you can shape your experience at the college. While at College, you will have the chance to visit and participate in fairs and sales taking place in the campus atria, attend seminars and talks by inspirational speakers, and sample our legendary samosas. We also organise plenty of fun activities away from campus, too – and the cost is usually subsidised, making these trips really affordable. Past activities have included ice skating trips, visits to Christmas markets, climbing Snowdon, a private tour of the Houses of Parliament, visiting the Slavery Museum in Liverpool, and a day out at Alton Towers. We have always got something planned, and we raise money for charity with bake sales, too.

Our aim is to help your journey as a student at the college both recreationally and academically, helping you reach your potential and achieve your goals. The SET team help facilitate the Student Union and Course reps. If you want to get involved and find out more, click here.

Trips and Visits

Trips and visits are an important part of a student’s learning experience. Students learn best when they can see, hear, and experience things first-hand, and we try to incorporate both learning and fun into all our trips.
It is just as important to help our students develop their social skills and help them to build healthy relationships, have fun, visit new places, learn about other cultures & faiths, and try new activities.
We are always open to suggestions from students about what trips may support their area of interest and over the years have learned what places are popular to visit.

For further information please contact the Student Enrichment Team.

SET are also responsible for each of the city centre campuses’ social spaces, which are dedicated areas where students can relax, play video games, and use computers.

Abbey Park Campus – Room: A Block 2.19
Freemen’s Park Campus – Room: A Block LG 0.16
St Margaret’s – Room: 1.33

For further information please contact the Student Enrichment Team.

SET cover the following areas:

Active Lifestyles


We pride ourselves on offering a variety of opportunities for students to keep active, take part in competitive sport, and engage in College life.

Here are some of the great sport facilities we offer:

  • Lunchtime sports and fitness clubs at Freemen’s Park

Throughout the year there are daily sessions running at all three campuses. These are free for our students and range from competitive team sports to basic fitness classes.

All sessions are open to all students no matter their level of ability or experience. Our students are encouraged to get involved, meet new people, and improve their overall wellbeing. Our sports enrichment calendar includes sessions such as UV exercise to music classes; football; rugby; badminton; cricket; archery, and many more.

Unique to Leicester, we also run competitive fixtures and competitions with our neighbouring colleges. This is through our Leicester City FE Varsity Series. The Varsity Series is divided up into a year-long league of fixtures which lead up to the Varsity Finals Day. Here learners have the opportunity to represent the College in their chosen sport in a semi-competitive format against other colleges. Both the Varsity Series and Varsity Games engage over 250 students from each of the city colleges in a number of sports to decide who the Leicester City Varsity overall champion is.

We also offer students opportunities to help support the sessions through volunteering and coaching, giving you the opportunities to gain and develop valuable skills. We also offer opportunities for learners to gain formal qualifications in coaching and volunteering to prepare them for entering higher education and/or the workforce. In addition to offering volunteering experience within the College, we also support local schools’ sports competitions. We encourage and support our students to get involved in these external opportunities and again gain valuable experience and employability skills.


Employability and Volunteering


The Student Enrichment Team will help you to develop your employability skills and experiences by helping you to enhance and identify your strengths/areas of interest.

We will help you to learn about and understand transferable/soft skills which are important to employers and how these skills can increase your employment prospects.

We want to contribute to your pathway of becoming employable by raising your awareness of the workplace, by bringing in guest speakers, conducting mock interviews, industry visits and visiting jobs and career fairs.


  • Why Not Try Volunteering? We outline opportunities to volunteer in the community:Give something back to your community.
    Make a difference in peoples’ lives.
    Develop new skills.
    Enhance your CV.
    Develop your confidence and self-esteem.

Charity Work

There are so many benefits to you getting involved with charity work. The selfless giving of your time or resources to help to support the most vulnerable in our society, not only ensures that needs are met but contributes to your own development of skills and feelings of wellbeing.

There are a broad range of charities that you can engage with, through offering your time or doing fundraising activities. It also looks good on your CV or job application and helps you stand out to employers.

You can work with us or get your student group or peers to work with you and get fundraising.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We like to represent and raise awareness of the many communities in all their diversity. It is important to celebrate all festivals and to reflect on faith, history and culture.

We identify and remove barriers in order to make college services and pastoral support accessible to you while you are at college.


Our College has a diverse and lively community, with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and worldviews. The SET team can offer support to you around faith, belief or related areas. You don’t have to be religious; we are here for everyone regardless of faith or belief. The support we offer can be via team members or through other organisations that we work closely with. 

During the year we seek to recognise and celebrate a range of the major religious and cultural festivals. These celebrations are a great way to find out more about different faiths, beliefs and cultures. Lookout for further information on Teams, Social Media and Moodle. 

Reflection Rooms

Freemans Park Campus: LG 0.7 

Abbey Park Campus: A1.53 & A1.13 

St Margaret’s Campus: 1.25 

City Skills Campus 

Highfields Outreach Campus 

These rooms are provided for students, staff and visitors of all religious viewpoints or none to use for private prayer of all faiths, and for peaceful contemplation, meditation, and healthy quiet reflection.   

These reflection rooms are quiet, mixed-gender and mixed-faith space for all students, staff and visitors to the College.Users of this room should show consideration towards people with other beliefs and use the room in a manner which is respectful to other users. 

How do you get in touch with us? 

Drop us an email 

Pop into one of the social spaces 

You can also ask your tutor to make a referral to our team. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We will implement programming to support you to overcome your stress, anxieties, improve your social skills and learn how to build healthy relationships.

Mental Health Support with ASPIRE (Advice and Support to Promote Independence and Resilience for Everyone)

Mental health includes how we feel, think, behave and act and therefore is an integral part of your overall general health and well-being. As a student at Leicester College you are able to talk to the ASPIRE team for practical support, information, advice and guidance about concerns or difficulties you may have concerning your mental health.

Working with internal and external partners, we will provide you with platforms to ask questions, get information and be signposted to further bespoke help. Your mental health and wellbeing is important to us. Find out more about the support available here.

How do you get in touch with us?
Speak to a member of our team in any of the social spaces or email us. While we make sure we get back to everybody, please note college opening times and term times. You can also ask your tutor to make a referral to our team.



Personal Development

Your personal development, behaviour and welfare is important to us. We want to ensure that when you leave Leicester College you have the right skills and knowledge to make informed decisions and be successful in your chosen career path.

Violence Awareness and Anti-bullying workshop

Violence Awareness & Anti-bullying workshops with Stand Against Violence

Our personal development programmes, allows you to be supported to overcome barriers, prepare for Independent Living, Get Future Smart and participate in focus groups.

By enhancing the quality of life and contributing to the realisation of dreams and aspirations of students. Developing life skills to achieve success and the opportunity to enjoy new experiences.

We want to help you to become productive citizens and inherit positive futures.

Social Spaces

Our social spaces, are dedicated areas where all of our students can relax, play video & board games, use computers and other activities, including engaging in competitions, surveys, quizzes and meet new people.

Where can I find the Social Spaces?

Social Spaces are open from 10am – 1pm Monday – Friday.

Abbey Park Campus – Room: A2.19 (

Freemen’s Park Campus – Room: A Block LG0.16

St. Margaret’s Campus – Room: 1.33 (