Application complete - What happens next?

Thank you for applying to do a full-time course at Leicester College. So, you’re probably thinking now – what happens next?

Firstly, it is important for you to keep a check on any post arriving from the college and your personal email inbox including your junk/spam folder. We will be sending important information in the run-up to enrolment.

Of course, it is important that your details are up to date to ensure you receive any email or letter. Make sure you keep the college informed of any changes to your contact details so that you do not miss any essential information. If you change your mind and no longer want a place on the course, please inform us as soon as possible.

Please note if you have applied for a part-time course, the process will be slightly different as your course can start any time in the year.

Once you apply for a course your application is reviewed by our Information Centre Advisors who will look at your grades and course choices, and you may have the following outcomes:

Conditional Offer

If the course does NOT require an interview; you will receive a letter offering you a place and detailing any conditions of the offer you need to achieve to take up your place. You will be asked to attend a virtual Welcome Event (which may be in person or virtual).

If you decide you want to accept the conditional offer, you need to return the reply slip enclosed within the offer letter confirming you accept your place within the time specified on the letter. To accept your place you should either accept via PS16 (if that is how you applied) or using the link in the letter sent to you.

Acknowledgement - Course requires interview

Once the Information Centre Advisors have seen your grades, they will put you in a queue for a virtual interview. You will receive an interview invitation letter giving you the date and time of your virtual interview. It is essential we have the correct email address for you on our systems because the virtual interview will take place on Microsoft Teams.

You will need to prepare for your virtual interview, compile a portfolio of work if the course you have applied for requires it, and provide a reference as outlined in your letter.

What you need to do 

Attend your virtual interview and ensure you prepare your portfolios, references, or anything else requested. If you cannot attend the virtual interview, please contact the college to rearrange as soon as possible, or your application may be withdrawn.

Interview Decision/Offer

The course tutor will decide whether you are suitable for the course and will inform the Information Centre Advisors, who will send you a letter telling you if your application was successful or not. If you were successful, you will receive a letter offering you a place on the course and detailing the conditions of the offer that you need to achieve to take up the place. If you decide you want to accept the conditional offer, you need to return the reply slip enclosed within the offer letter confirming you accept your place within two weeks.

Application is NOT successful

If your application is not successful for your chosen course, you will receive a letter explaining what other options are open to you. Follow the advice in the letter and begin the process again for courses advised for you or speak to a career advisor about your next steps.

Offer Acceptance

When you have confirmed your offer on PS16 or via the web link your application will be changed to ‘Offer Accepted’ and will be kept on file until the summer

Welcome Events

You will be invited to take part in a welcome event with the tutors and lecturers where you will receive advice about the college. You will get familiar with the college’s expectations of you as a student and you will find out about the next steps when you finally join the college as a student. It is important to attend this event as it will help you settle in when you start. You will receive a letter with the date and time for the event, followed by an email with a Microsoft Teams link to join. Once again, please ensure your email address is up to date.


You will receive a letter during the summer telling you how to enrol on your course, as well as how much it will cost and what documents you need to support your enrolment.

You will need to have access to a device such as a mobile phone, laptop, or computer to be able to enrol at the allocated time and date.  If you do have to pay for your course, you will need to do this when you enrol.

We will release a set of Enrolment FAQs closer to the time to help answer any important questions you may have.

Please note if an English, Maths and Information and Communications Technology assessment is required, this will take place after enrolment. The purpose of this assessment will be to establish if you may require any assistance on the course.

Once you have completed the enrolment form, we will check all the information you have given us. If everything is ok, we will then confirm your place. If there are any queries, we will contact you. Your place is not confirmed until you hear back from us.