College Life

Your time as a college student represents a precious and memorable period in your life and a milestone in your development. When you attend college, you open doors towards new career opportunities whilst forming lifetime friendships and memories to cherish.

What makes your college experience so unique is that it is an excellent way to discover skills and talents you did not know you have. You will be surrounded by people from different backgrounds, and you will be working on tasks that will help you develop and find out more about what you can do and what suits you for the future.

We consider all of your time at Leicester College to be a valuable educational experience. The support we offer you, the enrichment activities available, and the opportunities for you to socialise with your friends are all significant.

At the College, you will benefit from an incredible team dedicated to supporting our learners throughout their time with us. Our Student Services team provide a huge array of support services, many of which you can find out about by browsing this page’s navigation. Our Student Services team have a base at each campus, and they are here to support all learners, whether you are an apprentice, full-time student, an undergraduate or studying a part-time course.

When you go to our city centre campuses you can find fantastic refectories and cafes, fully equipped libraries where you can use a PC or Mac, social spaces for relaxing with your friends, sports enrichment activities, such as ping pong tables dotted about and Student Union offices.

When you enrol at Leicester College, you become part of our community. College life is not just about the course, you are studying, but also guaranteeing that you enjoy and value all your time at Leicester College.
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