Information for Parents


“You can be assured, as a parent or carer, that we have the best interests of all our students at the heart of everything that we do. We promote high aspirations and high expectations for all our students and staff. We know that you will want your child’s time at College to be enjoyable and successful. It is an exciting time but it can also be an apprehensive time. I hope that the information below will help you understand how the College works and to help us provide the very best opportunities.”

Verity Hancock, Principal and CEO


At Leicester College our mission is clear.
Developing skills, supporting businesses, engaging communities, changing lives.
This is supported through our shared values of

  • Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Sustainability
  • Equality
  • Excellence

We’re delighted that your child has chosen to study with us. We’ll be working together in a partnership. We’ll support their studies and provide exceptional education, skills and training to meet their individual needs, as well as those of businesses and local communities. How we work together is outlined in our student pledge

Student Pledge

We will   

  • provide inspiring ways to study   
  • support your aspirations  
  • support you to get ready for work   
  • provide high quality careers advice and guidance  
  • make sure you have a safe environment to learn   
  • help you to stay healthy   
  • promote equity and inclusion   
  • ensure everyone can share their views.   

You will   

  • come to college regularly and on time   
  • have high expectations to succeed  
  • take part in activities to enhance your development   
  • put into practice what you have learnt to prepare for work   
  • help to keep yourself and others safe  
  • respect everyone and their differences  
  • help us to improve by sharing your views.   

All students who are 16-18 will be enrolled on a study programme. This means that as well as studying their chosen vocational or technical qualification they will also have the opportunity to take part in other activities including:  

  • English and maths development. They will work towards a GCSE or functional skills qualification if they have not already achieved a grade 4 or above in these subjects.  
  • Work or industry placements, or work preparation activities.  
  • Other enrichment and enhancement activities, such as talks from industry professionals.  

Combined this all helps to get our students as ready as possible to move to further or higher education, training or employment. 

All students will complete a College induction and be shown how to use the Learning Hubs and virtual learning environment.  

Working with Parents and Carers 

There are several ways we will keep in touch with you throughout the academic year and give you an opportunity to discuss your son or daughter’s progress, these include: 

  • A welcome event will be held during the first term of the academic year. This is an opportunity for parents and carers to look around the College facilities, meet staff and find out more about what we offer and expect of students. 
  • A progress event during the year there will be an opportunity for you to discuss the progress of your son or daughter. If they are under the age of 18, you will also receive a copy of their Interim Progress Review which will highlight their progress.  
  • A progress review issued to parents and carers that will update you on key indicators, such as attendance, progress and other key factors that are important.
  • At the end of the academic year most programme areas will hold a celebration or awards evening that you will be invited to attend.  

We will contact you if your child is under 18 to keep you up to date with their progress, attendance and behaviour. Very occasionally a young person may ask us to stop this contact. So, expect to hear from us regularly.  

Supporting our Students 

Personal Tutor 

Every student has a named personal tutor. This is usually a teacher involved in their day-to-day teaching. This tutor is responsible for overseeing all aspect of learning. They are the first port of call for pastoral and welfare matters, as well as monitoring academic progress.  

You can contact the tutor if you have any questions about your son or daughter. If you don’t have their contact details, you can call our customer service centre on 01162242240. 

Student support 

Whether it’s physical or mental health we want to do all that we can to help students to stay healthy and well.  

We have qualified counsellors who can work with students if they have mental health difficulties. This service is free, and they can self refer or ask a member of staff to do this for them. Find out more here.

No matter their gender, sexuality or disability students can use our free sexual health service. We provide free condoms, pregnancy tests and sexual health advice (including chlamydia testing).  Find out more about sexual health here

There’s also a range of activities and events that focus on things like eating well, sleep, body image and managing stress. 

Find out more here.

Additional Support

Help with money  

We know that the cost of coming to college can be a worry for some people. There is support available, depending on your circumstance, to help with things like travel costs, equipment, uniforms and childcare. Find out more <<>> 

Tutorials and Personal Development 

During their time at College, all students will have both academic and group tutorials. Some sessions are on a one-to-one basis so that we can talk about progress and any issues that may affect their learning and gaining qualifications. This is done through something called an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).   

In groups sessions we will provide advice and information this such as careers, options about what to study next and study skills. There are fun and challenging sessions where we focus on topics to stretch and develop students to improve their work.  

All students get a progress report half way through each year of their programme. This gives an indication of what they have achieved so far and what their predicted outcome will be for the qualification.  

Any part-time students are still offered this support, but some support will be through their main subject teacher.  

Equality and Diversity

Students and staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs. This diverse community is a valuable asset. We do not tolerate any form of prejudice or discrimination. We actively promote equal opportunities and work to make sure that no one is treated unfavourable because of their gender, race, nationality, disability, age or sexual orientation or beliefs. 


Coming to College regularly and on time is key to success. Of course, there may be occasions when a student cannot come to college. They should tell us about this as soon as possible. If your child hasn’t let us know that they won’t be in college we will text you to let you know that they are not in college.  

Reporting absence, find out more here.

Behaviour and Safeguarding

We expect staff and students to respect others and be polite and inclusive to everyone. We do not tolerate any behaviour that may threaten the safety of others. Any concerns should be reported to a member immediately. 

The safety and welfare of students is very important to us. We have a safeguarding policy that outlines our commitments. Read it here

One important thing that students wear their lanyards and ID badge whenever on campus. That way we know that who is meant to be in our buildings.  

CCTV cameras are in operation inside and outside the College for security purposes. Images and sound are being recorded for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety. 


We have a thriving Students Union (SU), which allows students to get involved with things like charity events, and fundraising, political campaigning.  

Our student enrichment team (SET) organises a fantastic calendar of events for students to take part in and enjoy. These include fun and fantastic trips to places like Harry Potter World and Alton Towers, and opportunities to volunteers and discover more about other cultures, faiths and communities. Many activities are free or low cost to ensure that as many people as possible can take part.  

There’s also a range of sports to get involved with. Students can see what is happening here.


We don’t encourage students to smoke or vape, and this is not permitted on campus. There is support available to help students to stop smoking/vaping.

Use of Computer, Internet and Email facilities

All students have access to computers and wifi in College. We automatically check, using software, searches and activity on our devices, as well as network space and cookies. Students are not permitted to access chat rooms, games, pornography or other offensive material. Thay cannot download software.