Due to the local lockdown, Leicester College is closed from Wednesday 1 July 2020.
See our FAQs for more information.

The phone lines are closed and we do not anticipate opening them for some time yet.
If you need to contact us please send an email to info@leicestercollege.ac.uk

Covid-19 FAQs

We know that there are many questions about when and how we will re-open. The last day of term was Friday 26 June 2020. 

We have put together the following FAQs. These will be expanded and updated as more information becomes available, so check back in the future for updates. If your question hasn’t been addressed and your enquiry is urgent please contact us. 

Local Leicester lockdown

Is Leicester College closed?  

Yes. We are following national and local guidance and have closed all buildings from 1 July 2020. Staff are continuing to work remotely. If you need to contact the College you can email info@leicestercollege.ac.uk, or if you have a specific query about your course you can contact your tutors directly.  

When will the College re-open?  

We are monitoring the local situation closely and will remain closed until we are advised that it is safe to open by local and central government. 

Should I still come in to complete an assessment?  

No. All assessments are now postponed. If you have previously been contacted to come into College you should not. Your tutors will contact you about your outstanding assessments once the College re-opens.

What should I do if I have Covid-19 symptoms? 

If you have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), you must stay at home (self-isolate) and get a test.

General questions and answers

Can I contact you with a query?  

Yes absolutely – you can use our contact form for general enquiries. 

Business that work with us should email their business partner or contact us. 

Students should contact their tutor if they have any specific queries.

I need some advice about what course to apply for. Is there anyone I can talk to? 

The College’s award-winning and independent careers team for people under 19, and the National Careers Service for adults 19 and over are still able to give advice and guidance – just not in person. 

Get in contact with the careers team. 

What steps is the College taking to maintain safeguarding measures?  

Whilst many of our students are now being supported to learn remotely safeguarding is still an absolute priority. If you have any concerns about the safety of one of our students, please contact us on 07825 175729 and 0791 7370304. 

What happens if there is a confirmed case among staff or students on site? 

Where an individual tests positive who have been in College during the previous 7 days we will send the rest of their class/group home and they should self-isolate for 14 days.  

Other wider household members of people sent home do not need to self-isolate, unless the person they live develops symptoms.  

As part of the national test and trace programme, if other cases are detected within the individual’s cohort or in the College, Public Health England’s local Health Protection Teams will conduct a rapid investigation and will advise on the most appropriate action to take. In some cases, a larger number of other people may be asked to self-isolate at home as a precautionary measure. 

It will not generally be necessary for the whole college to close 

What should I do if I am contacted by track and trace? 

If you’re told you’ve been in contact with a person who has coronavirus: 

  • stay at home (self-isolate) for 14 days from the day you were last in contact with the person – it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to appear 
  • do not leave your home for any reason – if you need food or medicine, order it online or by phone, or ask friends and family to drop it off at your home 
  • do not have visitors in your home, including friends and family – except for essential care 
  • try to avoid contact with anyone you live with as much as possible 
  • people you live with do not need to self-isolate if you do not have symptoms.

If you live with someone at higher risk from coronavirus, try to arrange for them to stay with friends or family for 14 days. 

If you have to stay in the same home together, read about how to avoid spreading coronavirus to people you live with. 

I’m struggling being at home and away from College and my family and/or friends? Where can I get some help? 

There are lot of places that are still offering help and support for people. Even though they may not be able to offer face-to-face help you can still talk to them on the phone or online. There is advice available on the NHS’s every mind matters website. You can also contact the organisations below. 

  • Samaritans. Call free any time, from any phone 116 123. 
  • StayAlive. Suicide prevention. 
  • Turning Point. Free 24/7 mental health crisis helpline for over 18s in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Telephone 808 8003302. 
  • The Mix. Essential support for under 25s. Telephone 0808 808 4994. 
  • Kooth. Online support for young people. 

We know that being at home for long periods of time can be stressful and relationships may become strained. If you are concerned about your safety you can contact any of the below. In an emergency call 999. 

Current students/apprentices questions and answers

When is the College re-opening for students? 

We are following national and local guidance and have closed all buildings from 1 July 2020. We are monitoring the local situation and will re-open when we are permitted to do so.

How will I get my exam results?  

We are continuing to work to agree how students will be sent their exam results. We will contact students to provide updates about exam results as soon as possible.  

How can I contact you with a query?  

If you want to contact the College with a general query you can fill in our contact form. If you are a student and have a query about your course or work for your course you should email your tutor directly. 

What has the College done to make sure that it is safe for students to return to College? 

We have thoroughly cleaned all the College buildings and rooms. Screens have been installed at reception areas and other key points around the campuses to keep staff and students safe. Hand sanitisers have been installed around the campuses and everyone entering the building will be instructed to wash or sanitise their hands immediately.  

One-way systems have been put in place and classrooms have been assessed and their capacity reduced to ensure that social distancing can be maintained, in line with current government guidance. 

Will the refectories be open to get food and drinks 

Initially the refectories will not be open for students to buy food or drinks, so if you are invited to come into College you should make sure that you bring food and drink with you.  

Will the College continue to pay for College meals for students who are eligible for free school meals?  

We have been sending money by bank transfer to students who are eligible for free schools meals. This will continue until the end of the summer term (26 June 2020). 

Do I have to wear a mask to come into the College buildings? 

If you wish to wear a mask to come in College you may do so. However, you do not have to wear a mask. 

Will staff be in College to support students who are in?  

Small numbers of staff will be in College when we initially re-open. We will make sure that staff who need to be College for students will be.  

Will the College provide PPE? 

We will carry out risk assessments and where we identify that personal protective equipment (PPE) is required we will supply it 

Will the toilets be open? 

Yes, toilets will be open but there will be restrictions in place.

Will there be drinking water available?  

Yes, water dispensers will be available in Food Inc. Water fountains will not be working. Student should bring their own bottles to fill up. 

The College has been closed for a long time and water has been sitting in the pipes, it is safe to drink?  

College water systems have been flushed throughout this period. The water is safe to drink.

Will there be first aiders on site?  

Yes, there will be first aiders on site.

What will happen if there is a fire alarm or emergency evacuation?  

If there is a fire alarm or emergency evacuation staff will escort students out of the building to assembly areas as usual. Everyone will be advised to maintain social distancing during this process, as much as is practical.

When returning to the buildings, everyone will be instructed to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands.

Prospective students questions and answers

Can I still apply to the College?  

Yes absolutely – we are still processing applications and making offers however under the current circumstances this is taking longer than usual.   

If you’re 16-18 you can apply to courses through the College website or if your school uses Positive Steps @ 16 (PS16) application system. 

If you’re 19+ you can apply to courses on the College website by searching for the course of your choice and then clicking ‘Apply Now’. 

I’ve applied to the College but haven’t had an offer yet. What should I do? 

We are working to issue offers to all applicants, but this is taking longer than in usual circumstances. If you haven’t received an offer yet please be assured that all applicants who meet the entry criteria for their chosen course will be able to start a course with us next academic year.  

If when you receive your GCSE or other qualification results your grades are not as predicted please contact us to discuss your options. It may be possible for you to study a similar course at a different level. 

I cannot afford to pay the tuition fees for my course. Can I get help to pay my fees? 

If you are under 19 on 31 August 2020 and starting a full-time course you do not have to pay tuition fees.

If you are 19 or over whether you have to pay fees depends on a number of factors.

If you have to pay tuition fees you may be able to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan. You will not be able to apply for this until we send you the loan offer letter, with information about how to apply.This will be sent out during May. 

If you have to pay your fees yourself you may be able to pay by instalments if the fee is more than £150. 

I can’t afford to pay for travel to College, childcare, meals or material fees. Is there any help available? 

We have two learner support funds to help people on low incomes: one for students aged 16-18, and another for adults aged 19 and older to help towards the costs of travel, childcare, essential kit, and meals in College. The amount of money we have for these funds is limited. It is allocated on a first come, first served basis so you should apply as early as possible. 

How do I get a reference added to my application now that the schools are closed?  

Your school should still have access to your records and will be able to provide a reference for your application before your submit it. 

If you apply without a reference, your application will be returned to you and you will need to get in touch with your school before you resubmit it. 

Can I apply for more than one course?  

You can apply for more than one course, however only one offer will be made which means if you meet the entry requirements for the first choice this will more than likely to the course you will be offered. 

I need some advice about what course to apply for. Is there anyone I can talk to? 

The College’s award-winning and independent careers team for people under 19, and the National Careers Service for adults 19 and over are still able to give advice and guidance – just not in person. 

Get in contact with the careers team. 

How do I enrol for my course starting in September 2020?  

All details are available on our enrolment page.

Higher education questions and answers

How will teaching run when the new academic year starts in September 2020? 

We are working to put in place arrangements for how courses will run in the future. 

We realise that many students planning to start higher education courses this September will have questions about our arrangements for how courses will run. In order to provide you with some reassurance of further guidance, we aim to write to every current student and applicant to tell you about specific adjustments that we may have to make to your programme in response to public health advice. 

If your contact information has changed please let us know, as we will keep our current and prospective students up-to-date with information either by post, text messages, emails or social media communications from Leicester College. 

I’m interested in studying Higher Education at Leicester College – are you still accepting applications for 2020-21? 

Yes –  please continue to apply to the College for 2020-21 through UCAS. 

What’s happening with the graduation ceremony for people who completed their studies in the summer 2020?  

Our graduation ceremony planned for this September is cancelled. We are working to decide what we will do instead to recognise your achievements and will let you know as soon as possible.  

am on a DMU accredited course, what advice is there for me?   

Information is available from DMU for all their students, including information on student accommodation and what facilities remain open.   

Even though the College is not fully open – will I still receive my student loan? 

Returning and new students should apply for 2020-21 student loans as normal. New applicants should apply as soon as an offer is received onto your course. Returning students should apply immediately for 2020-21 if you have not already, even if you are unsure of your academic results for 2019-20. Please visit Student Finance for guidance on how to apply.

Fee liability, tuition and maintenance loans will be processed as usual for 2020-21, with your registration being confirmed upon enrolment, and the College confirming your attendance termly. Although you may not be asked to attend all lessons physically, as long as you are still engaged in the programme, you will continue to receive support and funding.  If you have any queries about your student finance, please contact our welfare team.

I’m in receipt of Disability Student Allowance – how can I have my needs assessed? 

In response to the Coronavirus, Student Finance England has announced that it is possible for students to access their DSA needs assessment remotely. They will need to contact their local access centre to find out availability. 

Guidance for students taking assessments in June/July 2020

All assessments are now postponed. If you have already been contacted to come into college you should not until we contact you again. 

1. Wait outside the College building until you are collected by your tutor.

2. Make sure you have your id badge and lanyard with you.

3. Use hand sanitiser immediately you enter a College building.

4. Try to avoid touching your face and regularly wash your hands and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

5. Keep 2 metres apart from others wherever possible, in classrooms and generally around the College.

6. You will need to bring your own food and water with you.

7. Use the stairs and not lifts. Lifts are for use by those who have accessibility problems only.

8. All movement along corridors and stairs to be kept to the left-hand side. Follow the directional arrows on the floor when moving around the building.

9. Within practical areas, students will need to clean their equipment and working areas before break time and prior to finishing class.

10. Where possible students should wear appropriate clothes to College to avoid any need to change.

11. Where this is not possible, use locker areas/changing rooms and keep all belongings inside locker at all times.

12. You must leave the leave the building as soon as you finish your exam/assessment. You will not be allowed to re-enter the building.

13. Students must adhere to the Government Guidelines on social distancing and also the precautions that Leicester College has put into place to aid safety. Failure to follow these Guidelines and any precautions put in place by the College is a disciplinary matter.

14. Students must follow Public Health Guidance should they suspect or be confirmed as contracting COVID-19