In line with its Strategic Plan, Curriculum Plan and Financial Plan, Leicester College will enter into subcontracts to enhance the quality of the offer to students and where the subcontract will achieve one or more of the following to support the College’s Mission:

  1. Diversify the College’s offer either in terms of geographical coverage or curriculum specialism and enhance the opportunities available to students.
  2. Fill gaps in niche or expert provision or provide better access to training facilities.
  3. Enable the College to reach new and different types of student and provide an entry point for disadvantaged groups and students who share protected characteristics where there might otherwise be gaps.
  4. Offer provision through a different mode of delivery.
  5. Provide high quality learning and teaching.

All subcontracts are approved by the Corporation; approval will take into account the extent to which the partnership meets these criteria, the level of risk attached to the partnership and the impacts and benefits to particular groups, to the local community and to the College.

Potential subcontracting opportunities will be advertised in line with the College’s Subcontracting and Tendering Policy.

To maximise the amount of funding that reaches front line delivery of high-quality learning, Subcontractors will be paid the funding value less the costs incurred by the College for managing the subcontractor, quality monitoring activities, and for any other support activities offered by the College to the subcontractor. These costs will be individually itemised and describe how they contribute to delivering high-quality learning. A breakdown of all services and costs will be set out in the contract with the subcontractor. All subcontracts will be subject to the College’s usual quality processes.

To limit risk exposure and maintain a high degree of direct delivery, the College will subcontract activity up to a value of no more than 10% of the College’s income.

The College’s management fee structure is set out below:

College Activity % Indicative fee (may vary) Contribution to high quality training Explanation of how cost is proportionate to subcontracted training
Quality Monitoring 5% Provides focus on quality of delivery. Quality:  Including observations supporting tutors with improvement/CPD/attending standardisation meetings
Subcontractor Management 10% Provides ongoing compliance with funding rules and regulations with focus on learner progress and success/achievement. Contract compliance
Contract Reviews
Invoice reports
Performance management
Managing Audits
Partner Network Meetings and Training
Support costs 2.5% Provides quality administrative support for enrolments, data submissions and achievements. Enrolments
Management Support
Other – Governance, Funding and data and Finance 2.5% Ongoing governance and compliance with regulations, submission and audit of ILR returns. Support with audits. All governance and financial control

The College’s current subcontracting partners can be found below.

New Subcontracting Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with Leicester College. The College is not currently seeking or accepting enquiries for new sub-contracts.

Subcontracting and Tendering Policy