Enrolment 2023

Enrolment is the last thing that you need to do to make sure you have a place at Leicester College.

You should complete your part of the enrolment process online between Friday 25 August and Wednesday 6 September 2023. We will begin to send you emails and letters between Tuesday 8 August – Friday 18 August 2023 that will allow you to do your part of the enrolment.

Enrolment for age 16-18 as of 31 August 2023

If you are aged between 16 -18 on 31 August 2023 you will be invited to one of our campuses between Friday 25 August and Wednesday 6 September 2023 to complete your enrolment in person and have your place on your course confirmed.

You do need to complete your online enrolment before attending your appointment as this will make the process quicker.

You will need to bring your ID on the day and your exam certificates so have these ready for your appointment. You will be given your student ID badge, student handbook and timetable on this day.

Enrolment for age 19+

If you are aged 19+ you can complete your enrolment online, you will not be invited to complete enrolment in person but will be sent a start date by your tutor. 

Don’t forget to complete enrolment you will need to upload proof of your qualifications, so have it all ready.

If you are returning to study with us on another course with us and are not waiting for an exam results we will enrol in early August. We will send you a letter with details about how to enrol between Tuesday 8 August – Friday 18 August 2023. You do not need to come in to college to re-enrol.  

Enrolment is for people who have already applied to study at Leicester College. If you haven’t applied yet you can still make a late application


When can I enrol?

If you are new to Leicester College and have already applied to study with us you should enrol online between Thursday 25 August and Wednesday 6 September 2023. If you miss your appointment don’t worry you can attend one of the dates below or a member from the curriculum area will get in touch with you. 

We are also holding a full day for late enrolment on Saturday 2 September – Super Saturday – at our Freemen’s Park Campus and Wednesday 6 September – Super Wednesday at our Abbey Park campus for anyone who applied late, has changed their mind about what to study or simply needs some advice or guidance.


How do I enrol?

We will send you an email with a link to our enrolment website to complete your enrolment. We will also send you a text to let you know that the email has been sent. Please check in your spam/junk folders if you can’t see the email. The email will come from enrol@leicestercollege.ac.uk if you need to search for it.  

If you have changed your email (or no longer have access to it) or your mobile number since you applied, you need to update your details with us by completing the form below.

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

What should I do if I don't receive the email to enrol?

Please check your spam/junk folders for emails from enrol@leicestercollege.ac.uk. Do NOT reply to this email address. It is not monitored.

If you haven’t received the email and/or text by Thursday 24 August 2023 please let us know by completing this form.

What do I need to enrol?

To enrol online you must have:  

  • Your exam results. Make sure you have collected these before you try to enrol. You can take a photo of these to upload.  
  • A photo for your ID badge. A head and shoulders photo, like a passport photo that you will need to upload.  
  • A debit or credit card (we do not accept American Express) if you have to pay any fees for things such as equipment supplied by the College.  
  • ID, such as a passport, driving licence, birth certificate, bank card.  
  • For non-UK citizens, evidence that you have the right to study in the UK such as your UK Residence Permit or passport / visa.  
  • If you are an EU/EEA national with Settled or Pre-settled status, you should already have provided confirmation of this to us, but we still require a copy of your passport.  
  • Confirmation of your successful Learner Support Fund application, if you have applied for help with things such as travel to and from college, meals while on campus, and paying for materials fees.  

If you are 19 or older and are going to be studying on a course that qualifies for an Advanced Learner Loan you will need details of this.

We will check any grades or evidence that you provide of your results against a central database after you have enrolled. If any information the grade/qualification information you have submitted is incorrect your place at the College may be at risk.


When will I find out if I have a confirmed place?

Enrolment for age 16-18 as for 31 August 2023

Once you have completed your part of the enrolment, if you are ages 16-18 on 31 August 2023 you will be invited to complete enrolment in person. You will have your place confirmed on this day.

Enrolment for age 19+

Once you have completed enrolment online, your tutor will be in touch to confirm your place and start date.


I’ve not heard back from you. What should I do?

Enrolment for age 16-18 as for 31 August 2023

All letters and emails inviting you to complete in person enrolment will be sent out between Tuesday 8 August – Friday 18 August 2023. Please wait till after this date.

If you still have not received a date to come to the campus to complete enrolment please contact us via the form below.

Enrolment for age 19+

If you have an offer from us, have completed your part of the enrolment process and haven’t heard from us by Friday 1 September 2023 please get in touch by filling in this form.

What happens if I don’t get the grades I needed for the course I applied for?

Even if you haven’t got the grades which you were predicted you should still enrol. Depending on your grades you may be able to continue on the course you had applied for. Alternatively, we may suggest a different course. We will be in touch with you to discuss your options and careers advisors will be available if you need more detailed advice.

What happens when my place is confirmed?

You will be given a your timetable and a date and time to come into college for your induction once your place is confirmed. A member of curriculum staff will be in touch you about your induction. This could be by post, phone or email. You will receive an email confirming your place.

Full timetables will be given at induction and enrolment. Kit lists will be either sent to you by email prior to your induction, or given out at the induction. You will also be given your ID badge at induction and enrolment. You will get free access to Office 365 (which gives you an email address, a TB of storage and five downloads including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote).


How can I pay for my course and material fees? I can't afford to pay for my course and material fees is there any help?

If you have to pay for your course, for materials that you will use while studying or for any residential fees, you can pay online when you complete your online enrolment registration.

If you have successfully applied for an Advanced Learner Loan you should upload your letter when you enrol. At the finance section of the enrolment form make sure to select “Student Loan” when answering the question “who is paying my fees”, and upload your confirmation letter.

If you are an adult on a low income or claiming benefits you may be eligible for free course fees.

We have two Learner Support Funds (one for 16-18 year olds and one for people aged 19 and over) to help with the costs of travel to and from college, essential kit, meals at college and childcare.

Applications to the Learner Support Funds are processed on a first come, first served basis. We are processing these as quickly as possible, but it is taking us approximately 2 to 3 weeks from receiving the application to completing it. When you have been assessed you will receive a letter to your home address. You are strongly advised to apply for financial support prior to enrolment but if you haven’t, you will have the opportunity to apply as part of the enrolment process.

If your fees are over £150 and you have ticked to pay your fees in instalments. You will need to complete the Direct Debit form.


When will I receive my timetable and induction details?

Enrolment for age 16-18 as for 31 August 2023

You will receive access to your timetable via Learner Hub once you have come in to the College to complete enrolment. Note it can take up to 24 hours to access the Hub so please try again a bit later and if it still doesn’t work you can let us know by emailing info@leicestercollege.ac.uk.

Enrolment for age 19+

Will we send an induction time and any other relevant information about starting your course by your tutor to you after we have confirmed your place.

I’ve changed my mind about what I want to study? Is there any help I can get?

We have a team of specialist and independent careers advisors who can talk to you about your options and help you progress successfully into further or higher education, employment or training. You don’t have to be a student to speak to our careers advisors and the service is offered to people of all ages.

I'm an EU or EEA citizen. What information do I need to supply?

Following the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU), all EU and European Economic Area (EEA) citizens will have to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) to continue living, working and studying in the UK.

Through the EUSS, you can be granted ‘Settled Status’ if you have been in the UK for 5 years or more. This gives you a right to remain in the UK with no time limit.

You can also be granted ‘Pre-Settled Status’ if you have been in the UK for less than 5 years. This gives you a right to remain in the UK for up to 5 years, after which you can apply for Settled Status.

More information on the EU Settlement Scheme is available

In order to complete enrolment for the 2023-24 academic year in August/September, you will have to demonstrate that you have been granted either Settled or Pre-Settled Status. You should send your ‘share code’ to euss@leicestercollege.ac.uk.

You can view your EUSS status and generate a ‘share code’ via the UK government website

I can't complete my enrolment online - what can I do?

If you can’t complete your enrolment on your own at home, we have limited spaces in College to help you. You can request to come into College if you do not have access to a laptop, computer or mobile, or do not have wifi or enough data to complete your enrolment online, or if you have a disability, learning difficulty or health problem, or English is not your first language.

You can request a space by calling 0116 224 2240 or complete this form below:

I’ve not applied to Leicester College. Am I too late to apply?

If you have not already applied to study at Leicester College you will not be able to enrol straight away – you need to apply for a course first. Although we still have places available on courses, however some courses may have limited spaces. You should first look at our courses and make an application. Please do this as soon as possible.

Any applications received after Wednesday 23 August 2023 are classed as late. We will process these applications after 11 September 2023 onwards and make offers based on spaces still available. You will be invited to enrol on Saturday 2 September 10am – 3pm.

What if I am doing more than one course?

If you have successfully enrolled on more than one course but need to enrol on another course you should speak to your tutor (you will be given these details). Please do not submit another application.


What happens if I am unsuccessful?

Your place is not confirmed until you are sent a confirmation email stating that you have a place. If you have had to pay for anything to do with your course before you receive a confirmation and are then not offered a place, we will refund to you any money you have paid.

I have completed the enrolment form online, what happens next?

Enrolment for age 16-18 as for 31 August 2023

If you are aged between 16 -18 from 31 August 2023 you will be invited to one of our campuses between Friday 25 August and Wednesday 6 September 2023 to complete your enrolment in person and have your place on your course confirmed.

You will then be invited to a induction at the College, note the date, time, campus and location and make sure you attend the session. The information will also be sent to your college email address, so make sure you keep an eye out for more information.

Enrolment for age 19+

If you are aged 19+ you can complete your enrolment online, you will not be invited to complete enrolment in person but will be sent a start date by your tutor. 

I have been invited to come to the College to complete enrolment, what do I need to bring?

This is the final stage of completing your enrolment, you will need to bring ONE of the following ID:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Bank Card
  • National ID/Residence Permit/Visa
  • Birth certificate
  • You will also need to bring your exam certificates too. 

We will confirm your place on this day and give you your timetable, student handbook and student ID badge which will need to be worn at all times when you are on campus.



I already study at Leicester College do I need to attend enrolment?

If you are studying a programme that lasts for two years, you may be invited in for enrolment for this year as we have to complete some specific paperwork due to funding rules.

If you DON’T receive an invitation, it doesn’t mean we have forgotten you, it just means that the rules allow us to move you into your second year without any forms to complete and therefore you will not need to attend enrolment.