Learner Support Fund 16-18 Years Application Form

Learner support funding 16-18
The Learner Support Fund is funding for further education students who have a low income or financial hardship. It is intended to help students pay for essential course costs like their protective clothing/uniform, travel and equipment. Funding is limited so allocated on a first come first served basis.

You must complete and submit a new Learner Support Fund application each academic year, even if you received help previously. The fund is allocated on a first come, first served basis so late applications may be reduced or rejected.

We will not be able to fully assess your Learner Support Fund application unless we have the evidence outlined below. You can upload this at the end of the form. You can provide scanned copies or photographs of documents.

For students aged between 16-18 on the 31st August in the academic year they start, this will be based on their parent(s)/carer’s income from wages and/or benefits (unless aged 16-18 and living independently). To be eligible, the household income must be below £33,000 or £22,308 if living independently.

Applications should be submitted at least 5 to 6 weeks before the start of term so we can ensure financial help is in place before term starts. We aim to write to people before enrolment starts to provide an update about their applications.

For more information about the Learner Support Fund, please read our FAQ below or download a copy of the FAQ below.

Learner Support Fund FAQ