The Student Union is run by students for students. The ‘executive’, as they’re known, are voted into their positions by fellow learners twice yearly.

A major part of their role is learner representation, giving learners a voice and ensuring that their views are heard, shared, and acted upon appropriately by College hierarchy. To this end, the Union has seats on the Governors’, Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, FEQSI and HEQSIC committees.

There are currently 22 executive posts that include the President, Women’s Officer, Welfare Officer, International Students’ Officer and Campaigns Officer, to name just a few.

There’s more to Student Union life than just meetings and committees though, as those involved are also run successful campaigns, awareness weeks, charity events and enrichment activities ranging from ‘Stop the Cuts’  to LGBT History Month, International Women’s Week, Voter registration, raising money for The Bridge, Open Hands, Keep The Beat, and trips to Alton Towers, Go Ape etc.

The Union also works on national initiatives in partnership with the National Union of Students (NUS) and other external agencies. Internally the Union works with LEET (Learner Engagement & Enrichment Team) to both support and promote their agenda.

In short, the Student Union here at the College is a vibrant, energetic, and progressive movement to be involved with that mirrors the College’s values of diversity, inclusion and equality. It will certainly broaden your horizons!

So come along and get involved!

Mohammed Tokaria, Students’ Union President


After enrolling on a BTEC Level 2 Extended Diploma in Computing, Mohammed initially took up the role of Site Vice President for St Margaret’s Campus. He supported many learners within the Computing Department from Entry, level 2 to Level 3.  Despite English being his second language he also supported learners in FS English and Maths to improve their skills.

As part of his role Mohammed sat on committees and attended steering groups to improve education standards; the level of support given; and the overall experience for all learners at Leicester College.  He also worked closely with the NUS, attending a number of events nationally including the national conference in Brighton. Mohammed’s experience over the course of the year spurred him on to stand for and gain the role of Union President.

“As Leicester College’s Student Union President I would like to continue to improve the College environment for my fellow learners and make this College an even better and more secure place for people to study.

“From personal experience, I would suggest my fellow learners get involved in the Student Union or any of the activities that LEET offer as they build confidence. You can make new friends from different colleges/cities and it also looks amazing on your CV when applying for jobs or places at university in future.”

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