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Interviews With British Serial Killers

Funzing present Interviews with British Serial Killers

Speaker – Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a retired police officer, who has worked in the criminal justice system across four decades. He is widely regarded as an expert on serial killers and profiling.

Tonight’s talk looks at the stories of three UK serial killers, in their own words. Each one tells a different, shocking tale of their childhoods, lives and killings. With an overview of the criminal psyche, Paul gets inside their heads and minds and delves into the darkest recesses of their thoughts and memories.

Hear some of the most intriguing detail about offenders such as Rose West and Robin Ligus as well as a general overview of the actions of serial killers across Britain. One by one, the myths and mystery surrounding serial killers is unravelled, their sins laid open, their minds exposed, allowing a unique insight into the evil that lies beneath.

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Further Information

Paul Harrison’s talk is not an academic or scientific lecture
For adults only