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Interviews With a Serial Killer (Sold Out!)

Funzing present Interviews With a Serial Killer

Speaker – Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a retired police officer, who has worked in the criminal justice system across four decades. He is widely regarded as an expert on serial killers and profiling. One of the first British policemen to work with the FBI Behavioural Science Unit, since when he has been interacting with, researching, analysing and profiling many of the world’s most violent murderers in an attempt to gain insight into their psyche.

This is a truly eye-opening and entertaining talk, which provides a general overview as well as three main case studies. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a journey, sad, frightening, and at times, funny. Hear how serial killers perceive themselves, their victims, and their actions and all importantly, hear how it affects those left behind.

Paul is the author of 36 books, his latest ‘Mind Games: Inside The Serial Killer Phenomenon’ is out now, alongside his gripping thriller debut ‘Chasing Monsters’.

After capturing the imagination of audiences in London, Manchester and Bristol, Funzing Talks come to Leicester, their fascinating talk’s series aims to re-invent your evenings with an array of unique subjects, from inspiring individuals and speakers.

Further Information

Paul Harrison’s talk is not an academic or scientific lecture
For adults only