Young Adult Carers

Young Adults Carers

Who are Young Adult Carers?

Young Adult Carers are students aged 16-24 who care for a parent, sibling, or other relative on a regular basis. The person being cared for may have a physical disability, mental health illness, an addiction to drug and alcohol use or any other condition which requires them needing care, support and supervision.

How does this important role impact a student at college?

Caring for someone requires time and energy. Some of the responsibilities which a Young Adult Carer may have is to regularly and routinely:

  • Cook and clean
  • Support with eating, dressing and medication
  • Give physical help to someone who is disabled or ill
  • Take them to regular appointments
  • Provide emotional support
  • Go to work to provide financial support to the family

A Young Adult Carer can struggle to set time aside for personal study. They may need to provide care and support to their close ones during the night as well as during the day. With household members dependant on them they are not able to solely focus on their education like their peers. These responsibilities can also affect their own health as well as their attendance and punctuality. Consequently, these factors will impact their learning and their success on the course.

What support do Leicester College provide for Young Adult Carers?

Every student has different needs and therefore the support that is given will be person-centered and individual.

A support plan will be completed with the student, so the appropriate provision is put in place.

A student who is a Young Adult Carer may need:

  • Extended deadlines;
  • Timetable changes;
  • Recordings of missed lessons;
  • Access to remote learning as and when necessary.

Leicester College will also assist students to:

  • Apply for a YAC Identification Card
  • Apply for a YAC Medical Identification Card
  • Access mentoring or counselling at college
  • Seek Welfare Advice
  • Apply for an assessment so they and their families can receive support from external agencies
  • Become a member of the Young Adult Carer’s Society at Leicester College

For more information contact the Young Adult Carer Team by emailing:

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