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Independent students, aged 16-18

You are an independent student if you receive universal credit and are aged 16-18 and either: 

  • live independently or 
  • a single parent still living in your parent home. 

We know that your unique circumstances may mean that you need personalised support to help you succeed at college.  

You will have a learning mentor, who will work with you to help with your college work. They can help with things like timekeeping and study techniques.They can also support you to settle into college and managing relationships with friends and family.  

All students have access to free and confidential counselling services, and sexual health clinics. People who have long-term mental health needs or a diagnosed mental health condition can also access our ASPIRE services. 

Finance support  

The cost of continuing in education can be a concern. People under 19 do not have to pay for their courses.  

We have bursaries available to help you with the cost of coming to college. For independent students this is £33 a week. It is paid term time only and is subject to you having no unauthorised absences. To receive this you need to apply for the Learner Support Fund.  

The Learner Support Fund also pays for things like free meals, bus passes, fees for kits and equipment for your course, and childcare.  

We have two nurseries at the college, one at our Abbey Park Campus and the other at Freemen’s Park Campus, which students can use.  


For more information on the support, we provide for independent students here at Leicester College call 0116 224 2240 and ask for the Mentoring Team Leader.