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Assembly and Workshop offer for Schools in Leicester & Leicestershire


The Careers team at Leicester College offer a range of assembly presentations and bespoke workshops to schools within Leicester and Leicestershire. The assemblies comprise of a short presentation (15-20 minutes) which can be delivered to a large number of students, and the workshops (45-60 minutes) offer groups of students an interactive experience where they can engage in discussion and take part in fun and inclusive activities. All of the Careers Advisors have experience of working with SEND students and all are qualified to level 6 in Career Guidance and Development. Our range of assemblies and workshops are as follows:

21st Century Careers: The Future of Work

The aim of the session is to introduce students to the changing world of work and to discover what jobs will look like in the future. It has a particular focus on STEM subjects and students will gain an understanding of Post 16 options including higher education. They will also understand what skills will be in the greatest demand and be able to identify what skills, qualities and abilities employers look for when recruiting people.

Social Media and Your Online Reputation

We will provide an insight into how social media (Facebook; Twitter; Instagram and Snapchat) can help shape an individual’s online reputation and how the online image can affect employment and University entry opportunities. We will also cover how to create a positive online reputation, which creates a negative online reputation and we also go through social media privacy.

Skills for the Future

The Skills for the Future session is ideal for year 7-8 students. The aim of it is for students to learn about the essential skills required for future jobs, be aware of what skills and qualities employers look for and understand the meaning of ‘transferable skills.’

Girls into STEAM

The session will provide an understanding of the term STEAM, explore a range of 21st Century STEAM careers, discover the benefits of a career in STEAM and students will learn about different routes into STEAM careers.

Apprenticeships – an Introduction

This session is designed to provide students with an overview of the diverse range of apprenticeship opportunities at all levels including higher and degree level apprenticeships. Students will understand the benefits and value of undertaking these training programmes, understand their competitive nature and will be aware of how to make an application.

By Sonia Riyait

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