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Top Tips – Impress during your job interview


Well done you have been invited for an interview!!

You’ve worked hard on your application form, sent in a top-notch CV and in return you’ve been invited for a job interview. Do you PANIC? Or do you start Preparing for what could the job that ultimately could be a life-changer?

However we all know that going for a job interview can often be the most stressful aspect of the job search process, but with good preparation, research and practise can make the difference between being selected as the ideal candidate and not selected. When you are invited to interview, it is important to understand what format it will take and what you will be measured against.  All good organisations will provide you with an outline of the interview process and the methods that they will be using.  When you are preparing for the interview, it is important to undertake to prepare well in advance understanding the role that you have applied for, the company and its values and vision for the future, to ensure and that you can demonstrate your capabilities in the most relevant way. Ensure that you:

  • Research the organisation
  • Research the role and its requirements
  • Prepare examples of your capabilities and use these in the interview
  • Make sure you have a clear understanding of what you have written on your application form or CV – as you may get quizzed on this.
  • Practise some typical interview questions.
  • Use resources such as YouTube to get an idea of typical interview questions and responses.
  • Prepare answers to standard questions which are often asked
  • Prepare your own questions which demonstrate your understanding of the role and your interest in it.

Researching the Organisation.

Most interviewers will ask the question, “What do you know about us (the organisation)?” and will be looking to see if you have taken the time to understand more about the organisation.   To enable you to shine when answering this question, research the organisation in advance by reviewing:

  • Their website as well as public information such as leaflets and booklets.
  • Stories about them in the news (performing a search on Google).
  • Their Social Media site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well YouTube channels are essential to get an up

It would be useful for you to prepare a few facts that you can recall during the interview.  It is always a good idea to be able to discuss the company mission or vision statement and why you like it/how it links into your work and some favourable news stories from recent months and why they impressed you.

For more information on all aspects of searching for a job, contact the careers team here.

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By Sarfraz Ahmed

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