You don’t have to go far to get far…

Leicester College offers a range of distance learning courses, which means you can work at a pace that suits you and get all of the support and guidance you need from the College’s experienced team. The department were also featured recently on Leicester College's blog.

The best thing about our courses? They're completely free (the only ones which come with a fee are the IT Skills Certificate and the two Management courses). Many of the courses also come with a choice of a work book or online learning option, meaning there's maximum flexibility for you.

There's a breadth of courses to choose from, so you can further a personal interest -for instance, with the Nutrition and Health certificate- or gain a qualification which can help you at work, such as the Business Administration Knowledge Certificate. Our courses are accredited by the NCFE, meaning they are widely recognised by employers and others.

Because these courses don't require you to be in a classroom, you can study anywhere - as long as you're over 19 and live in England, you're eligible to enrol. This gives full flexibility allowing you to balance your studies with your work, family, and life commitments - and it makes our courses popular with employers, too.

Learning a new skill or gaining a qualification can be tough when you have so many other things to do, but with a distance learning course at Leicester College you’ll be surprised at how easily you can fit your learning into your life.

We also offer learners access to our catalogue of eLearning packages online via our distance learning portal.

Download our list of courses here.