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The Great Muslim Panto 2018

Penny Appeal present The Great Muslim Panto 2018

Once upon a time in an ancient kingdom called Britain, there lived a Muslim family that wanted to put on the most magical pantomime ever: a fairy tale that Muslim families all over the kingdom could enjoy over the festive holiday season. However there wasn’t much to choose from. You see, Cinderella sneaks out to parties so she can meet boys and Jack is a thief who breaks into castles and steals golden eggs from hungry giants!

In the end, they came up with a splendid idea: they’d create their own fairy tale and travel the land bringing halal joy to families big and small, old and young!

Touring 17 cities, The Great Muslim Panto: If The Shoe Fits Part 2 promises to be great fun!

Performance times

1pm (Everyone to be in their seats by 12.45pm)
7pm Sold Out!

Further Information

Coming Soon