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The Dark Room: Boss Level

TripleCeePee present The Dark Room: Boss Level

YOU AWAKE TO FIND YOURSELF IN A DARK ROOM! You, the audience, are trapped in an interactive and insane, retro gaming nightmare; choose an option, find the way out and escape The Dark Room! If you succeed, you’ll take home £1000… but if you fail, YOU DIE! And in the end, everybody plays…

So will you:

A) Find the Light Switch?

B) Go North?

C) Abandon Hope?

The Dark Room: Boss Level features new challenges, new options, new ways to die. It’s addictive gamer stand-up, upgraded into a colossal, deranged party game only for Leicester Comedy Festival 2020!

Further Information

“NOT TO BE MISSED” The Guardian

★★★★★ “The Dark Room is utterly unique, it’s hard to describe the magic and joyful surprises awaiting you within without utterly scaring you off” The Skinny

★★★★★ “You must see this show” British Comedy Guide

★★★★★ “You have to see the Dark Room at least once in your life” The Scottish Sun

★★★★ “Great fun, nostalgic, but also a fresh angle for comedy” Den of Geek

★★★★ “Genuinely, irresistibly dangerous” The Stage

Age Guidance 14+

Running time 1 hour 45 minutes (including an interval)

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