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Tabanka Dance Ensemble

Serendipity present Tabanka Dance Ensemble

Tabanka African and Caribbean People’s Dance Ensemble are known internationally for their platform that pioneers, promotes and centres artistic legacy for Black Nordic Personhood.  Based in Norway and founded by Thomas Talawa Prestø, the company are guardians of the Talawa Technique™, one of a few fully codified African and Caribbean dance techniques.

This mixed bill presents works from Tabanka’s repertoire –

Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey
In this interpretation of ‘Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey’, commissioned by Serendipity and composed by Philip Herbert, Thomas Talawa Prestø draws on the interconnections across the Caribbean and Europe, painting a narrative of resilience, recognition and hope.

Jazz Ain’t Nothing But Soul
Based on what was once known as “the music and dance of the Devil” (jazz), Tabanka explore the genre’s rich artistic and musical tradition.  Incorporating elements of “Black noise”, a noise consisting of mostly silence, Tabanka focus on the presence of their ancestors, to create a new expression, sprung from all Norwegian-African vibes.

Rhythm, Roots and Revolution
‘Rhythm, Roots and Revolution’ is an energetic and hard-hitting dance performance that addresses the struggle for self-preservation, survival, self-definition and identity.

Further Information

Tabanka Dance Ensemble are appearing in Leicester as part of this year’s city wide Let’s Dance International Frontiers festival 29 April to 8 May 2022.