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Harbinger Forlorn Warrior

Ridhayatullah Theatre present Harbinger Forlorn Warrior

‘Forlorn Warrior’ is a revival of the company’s 2016 production. It has been re-written, re-rehearsed and re-choreographed to include a whopping 13 scenes detailing an entertaining report of the full history leading to the 7th century battle of Karbala. It is the true account of Muslim ibn Aqeel, an individual who served as a selfless emissary to deliver a letter of peace, love and unity to a land in Mesopotamia against all odds. The letter was written by Imam Hussain, who took a stand against social injustices, discrimination on faith grounds and intolerance when nobody else dared to, inviting people of all backgrounds to join him in bringing about interfaith harmony.

About the Trilogy

The Harbingers were the chosen forerunners announcing the advent of a noble, glorified and honourable man who stood to instil divine rule in the 7th century Arabian empire. They were warriors known for their impeccable devotion and their stories were instrumental in shaping Mesopotamian history.

‘Forlorn Warrior’ is the company’s signature performance having undergone a substantial rewrite, ‘First Martyr’ serves as its prequel and ‘Final Quest’ as its sequel, both of which have previously been performed at Sue Townsend Theatre. Though the trilogy of plays were written to relate the accounts of the three Harbingers and the relationships between them, they are at the same time distinctly different storylines which promise to inspire and astound audiences offering a soul stirring experience.

Further Information

Running time 3 hours (including an interval)

Ridhayatullah Theatre is a semi-professional youth theatre initiative dedicated to promoting interfaith unity.