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Harbinger Final Quest

Ridhayatullah Theatre present Harbinger Final Quest

In 7th century CE, the greatest kingdom on Earth stretches from Persia through Arabia, North Africa and Spain. The fierce rule of the self-appointed King has caused upheaval and fear. Letters are written from various parts of the kingdom inviting one man, Hussain, to spark a revolution. This play features historical accounts of Qays, son of Mush’ir, who is appointed as an emissary to deliver the letters. His devotion and resolution are impeccable and his journey inspires audiences to this day.

Following on from last year’s well-received ‘Harbinger First Martyr’ Ridhayatullah Theatre’s ‘Harbinger Final Quest’ is the pièce de résistance of the Harbinger trilogy highlighting the three emissaries of Hussain.

Further Information

Ridhayatullah Theatre is a semi-professional youth theatre initiative dedicated to promoting interfaith unity.

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