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Brick Lane ‘78

Purbanat CIC presents Brick Lane ’78

Altab Ali was a Bangladeshi textile worker who was killed by three teenagers on 4 May 1978 in a racist attack in East London. His murder provoked the mass mobilisation of the local Bengali community; for the first time, they came out onto the streets to make their voices heard and claim their identity. They wanted rights and justice. When the police detained some community members the result was a non-violent sit-in protest and a demand for their release. When the detainees were freed it was a jubilant moment for the Bengali community as they were finally being heard.

The play defines ’78 as a significant moment which inspires other minority groups to be confident with their identity and to stand up for their rights, thus combating racism in whatever form or whenever it comes.

Purbanat CIC is an established theatre company based in the West Midlands and a creative home for new plays and performers. Working collaboratively with a variety of partners they discover, nurture and produce drama which tells universal stories to audiences from a wide range of backgrounds.


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