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Amar Photo Studio


Performed in Marathi, Amar Photo Studio is a bittersweet comedy which offers some serious issues to reflect on and laugh out loud hilarious moments.

Apu (Suvrat Joshi) is set to leave for the US to study. His girlfriend Tanu (Sakhi Gokhale) insists that long distance relationships don’t work and it’s best they break up. Both of them have troubled family backgrounds and they struggle with the shadow this casts over them. Apu’s father walked out on him and his mother and Tanu can relate to that as her father and mother are divorced. Worried about what life holds for them Apu and Tanu go to Amar Photo Studio to get some photographs for Apu’s visa. While there they get an insight into the past which helps them make a decision about the future…

Produced by Sunil Barve and directed by the very talented Nipun Dharmadhikari, this popular, fresh, fun and entertaining play boasts an uber-talented, young cast and crew.

Further Information

Amar Photo Studio is –

Produced by Subak
Presented by Harshwardhan Soman
Promoted by EMMA (East Midland Marathi Association)


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