It can be daunting moving to a new country, trying to learn a new language and study at the same time. At Leicester College we understand this, and we will support you in making the move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

While Leicester College doesn’t provide any student accommodation directly, the information below will help you and we will do our best to advise and support you to find suitable accommodation.

The options are:


  • Self-Catered Private Halls of Residence

These are owned and managed by private companies, and the cost is roughly £75 to £145 per week, which generally includes gas, electricity and water bills. Most also include internet charges too. A refundable security deposit of approximately £200-£250 is generally also required.

A hall of residence is a large building that is split into units, and each of these units contains a number of lockable study bedrooms. Some will have en-suite facilities and some will have communal bathrooms – it varies from hall to hall. You will usually have a shared kitchen and living space with the other learners in your unit. Halls of residence are self-catered, which means you have to buy and prepare your own food.

You are generally required to bring or buy your own bedding and cooking utensils.

Please note that most student accommodation providers insist upon payment of rent in advance, although they usually allow instalments (perhaps 2-3 per year).

You should be able to arrange accommodation in a hall of residence while still in your home country.  Please note that in the UK once you have booked the accommodation the contract is generally for the whole academic year (September to June).

A list of student halls of residence is available here: Accomodation guide


  • Self-Catered Shared Private Houses/Flats

This is where you live in a house rented by a private landlords, usually shared between 3-4 other students.  The kitchen, bathroom and living room are shared and each person has their own bedroom. Some will be available with basic furnishings and appliances but many will not. This is something you will need to check.

This type of accommodation is typically £70-£120 per week per room, but this does not include charges for gas, water and electricity, which are shared with other tenants in the house.

We don’t advise that you rent a room in a private house or flat before you arrive in the UK. We strongly recommend that you view the property and meet other tenants in the house before you commit to pay any deposit or sign any contract. These contracts are legal documents and you are legally bound by the terms and conditions.

We recommend that you arrange temporary accommodation in a hostel, a hotel or in a bed and breakfast to allow you time to look at private shared accommodation options before making your decision.

Further Information

Leicester College does not recommend any specific accommodation provider, but we can provide you with information on options to help you make a decision. To find the place that is most suitable, you will need to consider factors such as the number of rooms/other occupants, the on-site security, as well as cost and location.

Further information on student accommodation options is available from the International Office or the Accommodation Office within Leicester College Student Services

Note that if you are accepted onto a course at Leicester College that leads to a qualification awarded by our partner, De Montfort University (such as a Foundation Degree or HND etc.), then you can apply for a place in De Montfort’s student accommodation.  Details of De Montfort’s student accommodation is available at: