A traineeship is a short programme designed for young people under the age of 25 who may not yet have the qualifications or experience needed to enter the workplace. Traineeships are unpaid programmes which are designed like apprenticeships so that young people can get an idea of what’s expected of them at work while continuing to study and work on their essential maths and English skills.

Before starting a work placement with you, trainees will have first completed a programme with working on team skills, confidence building, professional etiquette, and maths and English skills.

Trainees will also spend time with once they begin their work placement. This echoes the requirements of an apprenticeship, in which apprentices are employed full time but given some time off from their day-to-day role to study and meet with their college trainers or mentor.

With traineeships, businesses can help develop the next generation of employees, equipping young people with the personal and practical skills required in the labour market. You’ll be giving a young person a real chance, and in return you’ll receive support from tus as well as real help for your business from a young person who is eager to learn and get on.

Traineeships are designed as unpaid placements, but we encourage participating businesses to support trainees with expenses such as transport and meals.

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“The support from Leicester College has been tremendous. All the trainers and assessors have made an incredible effort to understand our business and have helped educate us in what types of training suit us best.””

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“When I was looking to train my staff I knew that Leicester College could provide that training and I knew from first-hand experience that it would be to a high standard.”

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