Teacher Training

Teacher training

Our teacher training courses will prepare you for a career in the classroom, teaching adults and young people aged 16+. This can include teaching in sixth forms, in offender learning, in further education colleges, or in community settings. There’s also the option to enhance your existing skill set with some of our shorter courses.

Who are Leicester College’s Teacher Training Courses for?

What you go on to teach will differ according to your background, existing qualifications, and your own career aims. Entry requirements differ depending on the course. Some of our shorter courses are equivalent to GCSE or A level, while the PGCE and Level 5 Diploma are closer to degree level. Candidates who lack conventional qualifications but have relevant work experience and can prove their ability to study at a higher level will still be considered. Getting into teaching has never been more accessible for those returning to learning, and the way our courses are structured and delivered make them especially suitable for career changers.

As well a teacher training courses we also offer qualifications for people who wish to work in education with children.

Further Information

We spend longer at work now than ever before, with retirement ages steadily rising. Changing careers to fulfil your ambitions makes sense – why spend years working at a career you don’t enjoy? Any teacher or mentor will tell you that while the job offers challenges, no two days are the same, and the rewards can be immense.

James Shaw

James Shaw

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education and Training (PGCE)

He won the Vice Principal’s Award for Scholarship at HE Graduation.
“I was astounded I got the award within my PGCE class, let alone the whole of the College’s HE provision. There were many excellent research projects completed. So it was a complete surprise and I feel immensely proud and honoured to be given the award.”

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