Principles of the Prevention Control of Infection in Health Care Settings TQUK Certificate L2 – C6713

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Course Overview

The Infection Control course looks specifically at monitoring and maintaining high levels of cleanliness in health and social care settings. Infections can be fatal for vulnerable individuals, this course looks at the impact your own hygiene can have and the steps to take to prevent the spread of infection.

If you work in the health care sector or are hoping to, this is an excellent choice of course.
On average the course takes 14 weeks to complete. The time frame depends on the time you have available and your prior knowledge.
Whether working online or with paper materials you are supplied with all the information required to complete the course. The assessments are made up of questions asking you to describe, explain, identify or list information. To be able to pass this qualification answers must be in your own words, using sentences and paragraphs.

What You'll Learn

Year 1

During the course you will complete the following units:
Principles of the cause and spread of infection in health care settings
Principles of the importance of personal hygiene and health in the prevention and control of infection in health care settings
Principles of decontamination, cleaning and waste management in health care settings
Principles of infection prevention and control in a health care setting

After enrolment, you are given 3 weeks for each submission, but if you require longer please contact the Distance Learning Team and they will happily agree on an extension with you. If you have chosen to complete the course online you will receive a welcome email from Equal, our online learning platform. On there you will see a guidance video explaining how the platform works and you will find your initial submission dates there too.

If you have chosen to receive a paper pack these will be sent out to you once you have completed the online enrolment. Your pack will contain a guidance sheet and your submission dates along with information on how to submit your work.
This is a distance learning course, meaning all work is completed from home. You do not attend any classes. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t access support. We have a team of dedicated tutors available to provide any support you might need along the way. You will receive robust feedback from your tutor looking at how to further develop your understanding of the topic and progress academically.

Entry Requirements

You must be over 19. You are asked to describe what you hope to achieve from the course during enrolment. This helps us to provide you with the right advice and ensure you are on the right course and at the right level.
If you are not a British Citizen you may have to complete a Fee Assessment to ensure you qualify for government funding.

How you will be assessed

The assessment method is question and answer. It is NOT multiple choice, and all answers must be in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the topic. The learning materials are there to guide your learning, they are not to be copied from.
The best answers include the theory you have learned, and how you have used the theory in your job role or in a real life scenario. This is a Level 2 qualification. To be working at Level 2 you need to be able to write descriptions and explanations, using full sentences and paragraphs.

Course Fees

Tuition fees

Tuition Fees (19+): £0.00

Additional Costs

The Level 2 distance learning courses are funded which is great news.
If you are not a British Citizen you may need to complete a Fee Assessment to check funding eligibility.


If the course is longer than one year the total fees are for the first year only and further fees may apply in future years. All fees are based on a ‘home’ learner status. Please contact us for information on overseas fees.

For more information, please see our course fee disclaimers page.

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Course and Career progression

We have a huge choice of distance learning courses available at both Level 2 and 3. At the end of your course, your tutor may suggest a suitable option for you or you can contact the Distance Learning team to advise you on the courses available. We also have a careers team available via phone, email, or in person who can help to plan a career pathway for you.

What Happens Next

If you would like to enrol, please click on Apply Now.
You will then be directed to the application form, once complete you will be emailed a link to the full enrolment page, the link will ask for an Enrolment Code, this will be sent to you via text message. If you need any help with enrolment, please contact the College and we will guide you through the process.

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