IT Award level 1 – C6378

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Course Overview

This is a classroom-based, usually delivered over 6 days which is offered year-round (50 weeks of the year including non-term times).

This accredited qualification is suitable for anyone (19+) wishing to improve their knowledge and understanding of a range of commonly used business computer programmes.

These include IT User Fundamentals – This unit aims to provide you with an understanding of computers and aspects of security. Word Processing Software – This unit will give you the skills to use a software application designed for the creation, editing and production of Microsoft Word documents e.g. CV. Presentation Software, Spreadsheet Software, Internet Safety for IT Users.

Particularly suitable if you are returning to work after a period of unemployment and wish to improve your IT skills which is a skill that all employers value. You should be committed to attending 9am-4pm daily for the duration of the course, however, if this is difficult, please discuss this with your tutor.

What You'll Learn

Year 1

During this course, you will take part in a variety of different computer-based learning activities and will be able to understand how to:
IT User Fundamentals
1) Interact with and use IT systems to meet users’ needs
2) Organise, store and retrieve files appropriately
3) Understand the need for safety and security practices
4) Maintain system and respond to common IT system problems

Word Processing Software
1) Input text and edit word processing documents
2) Structure information within word processing documents
3) Use and understand how to use editing tools and templates
4) Use word processing software tools to format and present documents
5) Store and retrieve document files, in line with local guidelines
6) Use appropriate techniques to format characters and paragraphs
7) Identify tools that can aid in checking documents for accuracy and consistency

Presentation Software
1) Input and combine text and other information within presentation slides
2) Identifying what types of information to use in the presentation
3) Use presentation software tools to structure, edit and format slides
4) Identify copyright constraints on using others’ information
5) Prepare and check presentation using IT tools, making corrections as appropriate, then present slides for presentations

Spreadsheet Software
1) You will create your own spreadsheets which will allow you to organise your data in a way that lets you rearrange and find it easily.
2) Spreadsheets are also useful for displaying charts and graphs. One of the most frequently used features of spreadsheet software is the automated formulas.
3) The final part of the unit will show you how to present your spreadsheet effectively using formatting techniques.

Internet Safety for IT Users
1) understanding the risks associated with using the internet
2) safeguarding self and others when working online
3) maintaining data security and following guidelines and procedures.

Entry Requirements

This is a level 1 course and although there are no formal entry requirements, a reasonable level of literacy is expected i.e. you can write and speak to make yourself understood. It is also useful to be able to use a keyboard and mouse independently.

How you will be assessed

You will complete a variety of short practical and written tasks that will be formally assessed by your tutor to create a portfolio of evidence.

Course Fees

Tuition fees

Tuition Fees (19+): £0.00

Additional Costs

You will not be required to pay a fee for this course if you are in receipt of one of the following benefits:
Universal Credit
JSA or ESA (Employment and Support Allowance Work Related Action Group)
low waged.
Evidence of benefits will be required on the application.


If the course is longer than one year the total fees are for the first year only and further fees may apply in future years. All fees are based on a ‘home’ learner status. Please contact us for information on overseas fees.

For more information, please see our course fee disclaimers page.

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Course and Career progression

On completion of this award, your tutor will be able to provide advice and guidance on other online or distance learning courses, or classroom-based programmes. These might include CV writing, interview skills, customer service skills and other short vocational programmes. This qualification will support you to gain employment by improving your confidence.

For more detailed advice and guidance about future steps, you can make an appointment with one of our qualified careers advisers who can support you to find the most suitable career path for you and to make the most of your skills and qualifications.

What Happens Next

Apply online via the College website. You will be contacted to attend an interview if required, or you will be sent a conditional offer according to the entry requirements of the course. You will then be invited in to enrol for your chosen course.

For applications via JCP, please let your Work Coach know. Subject to individual eligibility and type of benefit, the vast majority of courses are FREE to people in receipt of an employment-related benefit JSA, Universal Credit or ESA (Employment and Support Allowance).

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