Automotive Refrigerant Handling (EC842-2006) – C6555

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Course Overview

All Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) technicians working with cars and car derived vans, must have achieved as a minimum requirement, a refrigerant handling qualification which fulfils the European Union F-gas Regulation (EC842 / 2006 and Annex to Regulation EC307 / 2008). this course is designed to accredit candidates upon completion with the qualification required by industry.

The purpose and aim of this qualification are to qualify individuals (working with motor cars and car derived vans) to meet the European Union F gas regulations (Commission Regulation EC 842/2006 and the later Annex to Commission Regulation EC 307/2008). This legislation comes into force on 4th July 2010.
This qualification is also suitable for competent mobile air conditioning technicians who have completed a previous qualification, which can include ‘in-house’ training. Individuals must have a good understanding of components and system operation, to carry out procedures relating to air conditioning systems.
Achievement of this qualification allows experienced MAC technicians (working with cars and car derived vans) to continue to practice after 4th July 2010. On and after this date, in order to legally recover F-gas (fluorinated greenhouse gas) from air conditioning systems in motor cars and car derived vans, all MAC technicians must have achieved (as a minimum requirement) a refrigerant handling qualification (approved by DEFRA), meeting the EU F-gas regulations.

This is a full cost course. There is no fee remission available and you cannot apply for an advanced learner loan to pay for your fees.

What You'll Learn

Year 1

The Award is made up of 1 unit that covers topics that are derived from the European Union F gas regulations (Commission Regulation EC 842/2006 and the later Annex to Commission Regulation EC 307/2008).
In order to pass and achieve certification of the Award, candidates must achieve all the unit’s learning outcomes, by completing the underpinning knowledge assessment criteria consisting of a set practical assessment and a set online test.

You Will Learn:
1. About the operation of A/C systems in motor vehicles.

2. About the use and properties of the fluorinated greenhouse gases used as refrigerants in A/C systems in motor vehicles and the impact of the emissions of these gases on the environment
(order of magnitude of their global warming potential in relation to climate change).

3. The relevant provisions of regulation (EC) No 842/2006 and Directive 2006/40/EC.

4. The common procedures for recovering fluorinated greenhouse gases.

5. Demonstrate how to handle a refrigerant cylinder.

6. How to connect and disconnect a recovery set to and from the service ports of a motor vehicle A/C system containing fluorinated greenhouse gases.

7. Demonstrate the correct operation of a recovery set.

Entry Requirements

This Defra-approved qualification offers a single unit solution that provides experienced automotive Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) technicians with evidence that they meet the minimum F-gas requirement (EC842/2006 and annex EC307/2008).

Individuals should already have a basic knowledge of the operation of Air Conditioning Systems containing fluorinated greenhouse gases in motor cars (and car derived vans), the environmental impact of fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerants, the corresponding environmental regulations, and procedures for environment friendly recovery of fluorinated greenhouse gases.

The selection criteria for entry will take into account each applicant’s existing academic/vocational qualifications and experience.

How you will be assessed

The assessment ensures rigor and quality of assessment by measuring the candidate’s underpinning knowledge, including F Gas regulations. Learners must demonstrate the learning outcomes by following and achieving two assessment components:

1. Practical Assessment – Skills assessment demonstrating use of equipment correctly and to standard.
The assessment ensures rigour and quality of assessment by measuring the candidate’s underpinning knowledge, including F Gas regulations.

2. External Online Test – online computer based test demonstrating understanding of the qualification standards, laws and regulations.
All candidates registered on this qualification must successfully complete the test . The test examines the key criteria within the qualification and designed to confirm the candidate’s underpinning knowledge in an efficient and effective manner. This qualification has one on-line test bank, made up of 20 multiple-choice questions that the candidate must complete successfully.

Course Fees

Tuition fees

Total Fees: £390.00


If the course is longer than one year the total fees are for the first year only and further fees may apply in future years. All fees are based on a ‘home’ learner status. Please contact us for information on overseas fees.

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If you are aged 19 or over there is no government funding available for this course. However you may be eligible to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan for the course fee.

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Course and Career progression

Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate which shows they are compliant and then will be able to practice in industry. This can lead to jobs in the automotive Air Con sector, checking and re gassing all manor of vehicles to industry standards. alternatively successful candidates can look to start their own business supplying the service to both trade and public.

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