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AI Fundamentals – C8148

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Course Overview

Exploring the realm of Artificial Intelligence with our one-day workshop designed specifically for beginners. The Introduction to AI for Beginners course is divided into three parts, each tailored to provide a foundational understanding of key AI concepts, making it accessible and engaging for those new to the field.

This course is structured to be inclusive and accommodating to individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels. However, it’s important to note that a basic understanding of computer usage is recommended. If you can navigate basic computer functions and have a curiosity about technology and have existing level 3 qualifications, you are well-suited for this course, however no prior programming or technical expertise is required.

Whether you’re a student, a professional exploring new fields, or someone with a general interest in technology, this course is designed to make AI accessible to everyone

What You'll Learn

Year 1

Part 1: Basics of AI, Computer Vision, Chatbots, Challenge –
In this introductory segment, participants will navigate the basics of AI, laying the foundation for understanding key concepts. Explore how machine learning forms the backbone of AI systems and learn how computers are trained to make predictions from data. Through simplified explanations and hands-on exercises, beginners will gain confidence in grasping the core principles of AI.

Part 2: Machine Learning, Deep Learning –
Delve into the fascinating aspects of computer vision and natural language processing. Discover how AI interprets the visual world through cameras and comprehends written or spoken language. Designed with beginners in mind, this section includes interactive activities to demystify these AI functionalities and make learning accessible and enjoyable.

Part 3: Exploring AI Applications –
Explore document intelligence, knowledge mining, and generative AI in a beginner-friendly manner. Understand how AI manages data in forms and documents and extracts valuable insights. Engage with the creativity of generative AI through simplified examples. Hands-on exercises will reinforce concepts in an approachable way. Programming/coding using basic machine learning and deep learning. You will appreciate and understand what AI is. You will also understand how computers predict from data sources. Additionally, you will learn how AI interprets visual information and its value as a tool

Entry Requirements

You are required to have at least a level 2 or GCSEs grade 4 (C) or above in English and maths.

How you will be assessed

Assessments at the end of each part will be designed with a beginner-friendly approach. These assessments will ensure that participants grasp the fundamentals of AI and can apply them in practical scenarios.

Course Fees

Tuition fees

Tuition Fees (16-18): £0.00

Tuition Fees (19+): £0.00


If the course is longer than one year the total fees are for the first year only and further fees may apply in future years. All fees are based on a ‘home’ learner status. Please contact us for information on overseas fees.

For more information, please see our course fee disclaimers page.

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Course and Career progression

On successful completion of this course you will encouraged to apply to our Introduction to Data Analytics course. This is another introductory course to learn how to transform, organize, and visualize data using widely-used spreadsheet tools like Excel. Gain hands-on experience in leveraging Excel for efficient data manipulation and representation.

What Happens Next

Apply online via the College website. You will be contacted to attend an interview if required, or you will be sent a conditional offer according to the entry requirements for the course. You will then be invited in to enrol for your chosen course of study.

For enrol and pay courses: Once you have decided to take the course, you need to fill in a short student details form online. Once you have done this, you will receive an electronic confirmation of enrolment and payment.

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