Student Consent Form

We would like to use your story/photography/video/audio footage to support work for Leicester College. This may mean that we send it to media organisations who may use it for publications and digital media. It may also mean that it is used on Leicester College digital and social media channels (eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) which could be shared by third parties globally. We may also use it in promotional material for Leicester College (such as guides and posters) or used for illustrative purposes in College documents.

To allow the College to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, please fill in your details below. By clicking submit you are agreeing that the above use of your story/photography/video/audio footage is allowed and will not be a breach of the Data Protection Act or any intellectual property rights (if applicable). We will store your information about you on a secure College database which cannot be accessed by third parties and all personal details will be kept confidential.

If your story/photograph/video/audio footage mentions your employer, please check that your employer also approves of your story/photograph/video/audio footage and its use for these purposes. Please ask an authorised member of staff to fill out the external consent form below.

If you are under 13 and/or have a legal guarding/carer you must supply the name and contact details of your parent/guardian and they should submit the form on your behalf.

Please fill out the student/child name and add the parent/guardian name at the end of the form.

Student consent form