19+ Discretionary Learner Support Fund (DLSF)


The aim of the DLSF is to provide financial support to students whose access to or completion of education or training is inhibited by financial constraints or barriers. The Fund is administered by the Welfare Team at Leicester College and is allocated on a first come first served basis. Students must complete a Learner Support Fund application form and be assessed to determine eligibility.

Eligibility criteria

  • 19+ on 31st August 2018
  • Meet the residency criteria
  • Students doing a qualification up to level 3
  • Students doing a first full level 3 qualification (under 24 years)
  • Meet certain financial conditions
  • Enrol on a publicly funded course at Leicester College

Financial support available

To qualify for support you must meet the above criteria and also have a gross household income of below £30,000 or £15,736 for single students. Funding is limited so students are advised to apply as soon as they apply for a course. Students will be informed in writing of the outcome of their application. If students do not apply early there may not be funding available to support them with their course costs.

Types of support available

  • Travel (for those that live more than 1.6 miles from the campus that they study at)
  • Childcare
  • Essential kit and equipment
  • Books
  • Material fee (paid at enrolment)
  • Meals

Students must be enrolled on a course at Leicester College in order to receive the above funding.


Students that require support with childcare costs must complete a Learner Support Fund application and a childcare application form. Childcare must be provided by an OFSTED registered provider and must be approved by a welfare advisor prior to childcare commencing. Students are asked to make a minimum contribution of 5% towards childcare costs. Please note terms and conditions at the bottom of the chilcare application form. Leicester College set a limit of £50 per day and £30 for morning or afternoon sessions as a reasonable cost for registered childcare.

If the child is eligible for 15 or 30 hours per week free early education these must be used to cover the required sessions. Timetabled sessions will only be considered for childcare support.

All payments are made directly to the childcare provider on receipt of invoice at the end of each month. Students pay the provider any remaining balance themselves.