At Leicester College creating an accessible environment is at the heart of our approach. Whether you are learning within a classroom environment, visiting one of our campus centres or reviewing our course materials, we strive to guarantee access to the support and information that you require.

Bespoke to your requirements: Within our electronic communications, such as this website, browsers are able to adapt font sizes and colour to suit your individual requirements. We have also worked to ensure that photos have descriptive alternative text, where possible.

Font Sizes – to change the font size within this website you need to undertake the following actions within your web browser: 

Internet Explorer: Select View – Text Size

Firefox: Select View – Text Size

Safari: Select View – Make Text Bigger

Searching the site: We are keen that this site is as user friendly as possible and have developed a comprehensive search function which allows browsers to search both our courses and the site content. The opportunity to complete a site search is available throughout the site and browsers can also use filters to further control their search results.

Further information: We work closely with experts in Equality, Inclusion and Disability Support to ensure our digital and printed materials adhere to current guidance and best practice. For further information on accessibility please review Equality Act 2010 or W3 Accessibility Guidelines.

We are continually striving to ensure we are meeting the needs of our browsers, and we are keen to ensure the site is developed to support your needs. We would value your feedback regarding the site and its accessibility, if you do have a few minutes please complete our website feedback form.