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Leicester College seeks partner to deliver research project with students who are neurodiverse, have a disability or mental health issues

As part of our student voice commitment, we would like to work with a suitably experienced external organisation to conduct a research project to “hear the voice” of our cohort of students who are neurodiverse, have physical disabilities or learning difficulties, or who are living with mental health issues.
In order to be as objective as possible we are seeking an external agency to deliver this work.
The project will be a partnership between Students Services staff, Leicester College’s Student Union and relevant Curriculum colleagues.
The student consultation will involve face to face interviews, focus groups, and the delivery of an online survey.
All responses will be anonymous.

Expectation of Work

Leicester College staff can offer support in identifying and accessing the students. They will also facilitate providing rooms for interviews, focus groups, etc., and will support engagement with the online interviews.
The successful organisation will be responsible for gathering all the primary data, analysing all the results, producing a report of the findings, and making recommendations based on these findings to senior leaders in the organisation.
As part of the contract, you will commit to attending at least two dissemination events. One with senior leaders in the organisation, and an event with students who participated in the research so they can see for themselves what the findings are, and what the college is committing to do to address any concerns raised.

  • Communication to relevant staff and students about the project
  • Desk top review
  • Meetings with Leicester College staff and students

Tender awarded 8 March

  • Student engagement – interviews/focus groups/launch of online survey


  • Data analysis
  • Initial findings


  • Draft report
  • Dissemination event to students


  • Draft two of report incorporating feedback from students for final report/recommendations


  • Final report
  • Dissemination to managers

We have to ensure that we can communicate with relevant students before they graduate so we will need initial findings available in June, however the deadline for the final report and dissemination to managers will be September.
The expectation is that there will be regular monitoring meetings to check progress, and to answer any queries throughout the consultation.


Budget available circa £1,500.

Payment timetable to be discussed and agreed with the successful applicant with final payment on delivery of the final report.

Deadline for expressions of interest 

11.59pm Sunday 25 February 2024 to pr@leicestercollege.ac.uk

More information call 0116 224 2240 and ask for the head of inclusion or email PR@leicestercollege.ac.uk


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