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Leicester College plants tree as part of the ‘Queen’s Green Canopy’ project


Leicester College was invited by Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) to take part in the Queen’s Green Canopy project and ‘plant a tree for the Jubilee.’

The College has planted a crab apple tree on the Freemen’s Park campus and installed a plaque alongside it which was made by Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company – an RBLI social enterprise providing employment for disadvantaged veterans.

The Malus ‘Butterball’ variety of crab apple was chosen as the Jubilee tree. Its pink buds develop into white blossoms and eventually colourful yellow crab apples which, in autumn, will reach a size that will be used by the catering department.

Verity Hancock, Principal and CEO at Leicester College said: “We were delighted to be invited to take part in this project. It not only marks the Queen’s Jubilee but also supports our veterans, who made the plaque.

“The tree will provide something lovely to look at, it will honour the Queen and will also provide produce for our catering students to use in their practical work.”


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