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Learner’s artwork on display outside Sainsbury’s

Leicester College learner Luke Owen-Hughes was chosen to design and paint an artwork- by hand- which is now on display for public viewing outside Leicester’s new Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Luke Owen-Hughe

The supermarket giants are building a new store on the site of the former GE Lighting factory in Melton Road, Rushey Mead.

Longcross Construction Ltd, the main contractors for the site, contacted the College to invite learners from the Construction department to produce an artwork design of the new store which would displayed so that passing traffic, pedestrians and site visitors would be able to view it whilst it is still being built.

Luke, who is enrolled in his third year of his Level 3 Painting and Decorating Diploma, expressed an interest to his lecturers when he found out about the project early last month, and began working on the design his own spare time.

Once completed, the panels of artwork which bear the Leicester College logo and Luke’s signature were collected by Longcross Construction Ltd.
The materials for the project were also provided by Longcross Construction Ltd.

The finished artwork is now on display outside the store.

Luke said: “I feel proud to be a part of something that is on display to the general public in Leicester.
“I have had to be very patient with every brushstroke. I first traced the outline of the building and then began filling in the colour.
“For me, working on the famous Sainsbury’s logo, was the hardest part as I knew I had to get it correct. It’s instantly recognisable and I only had one chance to get it right.

“The brush grain effect finished off the design. I then added the College logo and own name, as it’s my very own piece of art.”

Kirk Staines, lecturer in Painting and Decorating at Leicester College, said: “Luke volunteered to work on this project in his own time as he was very keen to further his skills. I am very proud of his achievement. During his time at Leicester College, he participated in regional painting and decorating competitions, which also showed his level of enthusiasm and dedication.

“The end result of his work is outstanding and it shows his talent, which will be displayed for all to see. Once Luke has completed his course I feel he will be an asset to any company he gains employment with.”

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