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Up skill your staff, they’re your biggest asset


Every now and again your computer will pop up with a reminder telling you to upgrade to the latest software. On average new updates are released annually. As technologies evolve over time, there is no doubt we need to keep up with them. Here in this article, we discuss the need for you to constantly review and up skill your staff.

As an employer, your biggest assets are the people that work for you. You are paying for the skills and experience they have gained over the years. Just like the machines we use, that need upgrades, so do people. As new information and knowledge become available, along with new ways of working, it is ideal to take employees through training programmes to top-up their knowledge and skills. The various routes towards up-skilling staff can be done via webinars, on the job training, online training slides and residential courses.

To get the best out of your employees, invest in them. Here’s how:

1. Employ enthusiastic people

During recruitment and selection, look out for those keen enthusiastic individuals with the drive to learn and open to change. These are the people who will thrive in your business and make positive changes.

2. Schedule training time

Schedule in some time for training, whether it be once a week, once a month or once a year. Review this often to see your progress and on ways to improve. This is an investment into the growth of your business, so make sure you prioritise this.

3. Create mentors

Use senior staff in your organisation as mentors for junior staff, give them an opportunity to pass down the knowledge and skills they have picked up over the years. This is a cost-effective way of assisting your staff and also building networks in the business.

4. Virtual learning

Some training courses will be classroom based, whereas most you will find online in the form of webinars or other online learning tools. Utilise these as they are easy to follow and keep up with.

At Leicester College, you can train your staff on various professional part-time courses, some of these are free and are recognised industry-wide. The College also offers distance learning courses, providing your staff with the flexibility to learn whilst working.


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