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The best way to make use of your Apprenticeship Levy


Are you a Levy Employer?

Wondering the best way to make use of your Apprenticeship Levy?

We spoke with Nylascast to understand the different ways they have made use of the Levy to upskill current staff and recruit new Apprentices.

What services have you used from the College?

Mainly Apprentices in Business Admin, Customer Service, Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical).

But we have also sent people on additional professional training, outside of apprenticeship schemes, such as NEBOSH, Electrical Maintenance, HND Mech Eng, ESOL classes.

What type of apprenticeships have you taken on and how many?

Business Admin, Customer Services, Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical), over the last ten years we have had total of 54 people recruited to the apprentices program. These apprentices, generally between 16-20 year old when they start.

We have also and number of existing employee be trained in the Team Leader Apprentices (around 10). We are just about to start 13 people on the Level 5 Management Apprenticeship

Have these been for new members or existing staff?

A Mixture of both, as stated above.

The college has always been very pro-active and helpful when recruiting new staff.

Many staff are keen to continue their professional development through training, from the basic ESOL classes, right through to the Management training. There is always something which suits different people skill sets and the areas they wish to develop in. Being able to run these in-house to obtain a recognised qualification, rather than attending the college has made these much easier for us to encourage people in their development. We also have a number of people who did the Team Leader course who are now progressing onto the Management course.

How has Leicester college help you make use of the Levy?

Yes, although we have exceeded our Levy pot, so we haven’t needed much encouragement to spend it. The college do promote additional professional training to us.

Why was it important for you to work with a College establishment such as Leicester College? 

Consistency of recognised program through the year groups helps us understand what it required in each year, and they have support/mentoring between year groups too. Also as they are based at the campus in town, is it easy for everyone to get to, especially for the younger apprentices who don’t drive.

Plus the personal relationship that develop between us and college staff make it easier to know you to talk to about any issues.

Would you recommend using Leicester College to other businesses? 


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