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Student takeover: Behind the Scenes at JP Cooper with Sophie


On Wednesday 25th October, Leicester College teamed up with Capital FM to give you the best intimate gig you could ask for…and for free! JP Cooper came to Leicester and gave the performance of a lifetime at The Athena. I had a brilliant night and had the chance to catch up with Tom and Claire from Capital as well as chat to JP after his show.

As I watched the sound check I got super excited for this event. From what I had heard, JP Cooper was amazing live and let me tell you, he did not disappoint, in fact he went beyond my expectations.

People began filing into the venue at 6:30 and kept coming whilst Claire gave us some upbeat remixes. She got the crowd warmed up for a phenomenal performance, I couldn’t see one frown on anyone’s face.

At 6:30 I was in Tom and Claire’s dressing room chatting to them about working in radio and a few other fun things like their zombie apocalypse plan. According to Claire, “There’s a technique to moulding yourself, Capital is quite different from other radio stations.”. I was informed a lot about their experiences on the radio, including their most embarrassing stories. You can read the full interview I did with Tom and Claire over on my blog.

The pair were so nice and actually invited me down to the Capital studio in Nottingham at some point! They were scooted off quite quickly due to having to introduce JP but we had a good laugh which lead Tom being locked in the bathroom.

When JP Cooper came on stage the crowd went wild. The interaction between the performer and his fans was lovely to see. This is one of the most amazing live shows that I have seen and I have been to a fair few. My personal favourite track, Birthday, was fantastic and his hit single September Song, went down a treat with everybody.

I stumbled into JP backstage and had a few minutes to chat with him in his dressing room about his debut album, Raised Under Grey Skies. He was chatting about how music was something he “stumbled upon”, he always loved writing and by the age of 16, music was all that he cared about. His album is for “anybody who’s been not necessarily dealt the best hand of cards in life but have made the best of it” and that it is. His album is filled with such emotion that he’s sure “it’s an album that will make you smile, it will make you dance, it will make you cry, there will probably be a few babies made to it as well!”. To read my full interview with JP Cooper, you can head over to my blog.

All in all, I had a brilliant night and I’ll definitely be grabbing tickets to JP Cooper’s next UK tour.


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