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Strengthening our commitment to building students’ knowledge, skills and behaviours beyond their chosen subject


Personal and social development is an area which is centred on empowering our students and building their confidence and a range of skills, from how to keep yourself safe, contribute to society and your local community, to teamwork and communication. Recognising that this vital area serves to enhance our students’ academic journey, Leicester College recently appointed Lee Barrett as our new Head of Personal and Social Development (PSD).

Commenting on his new role, Lee said: “For me, PSD is largely focused on people’s interconnected, personal development skills (often referred to as life and transferrable skills). This includes their behaviours and attitudes, and extra-curricular activities.

“Leicester College is clearly committed to PSD and whereas a lot of colleges tag the operational elements of PSD within existing structures, we are developing this particular strategic role to help our students to improve their soft skills and enhance their ‘cultural capital’.

“By focusing on those wider knowledge, skills and behaviours outside alongside the academic curriculum, we can help students to enhance their ability to attain and progress their careers into higher levels of education, apprenticeships or future employment.”

Lee brings over 20 years of experience to his new role, having worked in a diverse range of sectors including education, voluntary, local authority, healthcare, social care, and the private sector.

These diverse roles have given him key insights into working with our students and creating pathways for their success, even he himself admits that without developing his own personal development skills he would have been unable to move on in his career and life.

He will now lead the personal and social development of our student body to develop wider knowledge, skills and behaviours to improve their life chances, and support opportunities for industrial placements and work experience.


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