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Remembrance Day 2017 at Leicester College


As in other years, Remembrance Day was commemorated in solemn style at the College.

This year, the ceremony took place at our Abbey Park campus. Staff, learners, and army veterans were in attendance. Importantly, we also had a representative from BlackPoppyRose. The ceremony was completed by the last post on the bugle while poppy petals descended. Learners from our uniformed public services courses played an active role, dressed in sombre black and standing in formation.

Remembrance in 2017

As of today, 10 November 2017, there are four ongoing wars in which 10,000 or more deaths have occurred in the current or past year. Those wars are the war in Afghanistan (2001-present); the Mexican drug war (2006-present); the Syrian civil war (2011-present) and the Iraq conflict (2003-present).

Deaths in active service are still, unfortunately, a regular occurrence. This is also true of deaths of civilians, including children. Military and non-military individuals and families continue to be affected by conflict and war. Armed forces personnel who may have avoided physical injury can often be affected by the trauma of what they have witnessed for many years afterwards.

Ongoing Effects

There can be no doubt that the loss of a family member makes a massive impact on anyone. Equally, having a loved one take part in military service (either currently or in the past) can have an ongoing impact on family life. So today we take the time as a community to remember all who have been, and continue to be, affected by war. This includes soldiers from India, the Caribbean, and the Commonwealth who have fought with the British armed forces. Their contribution is both large and ongoing.

Our commemoration of this annual event ties into our commitment to British values. These include democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs, including those with no faith.

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