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Online showcase! BA (Hons) students TAKEOVER.

As part of their qualification, our BA (Hons) Acting & Creative Performance Practice students usually showcase their talents and end of year project at the Sue Townsend Theatre. Due to the current global pandemic, our students have decided to present their pieces online for the world to see.

Each individual student practise ranges from; writing, directing, choreography, producing, performance for camera and stage, art and makeup. Through the courses, they are given the opportunity to explore other creative elements, making them more adaptable and flexible with their work. This methodology in the course moulds students to be more suited to performing in the creative industry.


Meet our Acting & Creative Performance students!

We’ve asked each student partaking to introduce themselves and their creative practice. They’ve also given a blurb for their projects.


Creative practice: creating a theatre company.

“Have you ever felt like you’re being watched? Does darkness scare you? I have created a short film starring two characters, Evan and Jane. Watch the couple slowly descend into madness as they try to survive the supernatural. This short film includes jump scares, darkness and a whole lot of tension. Get ready, and don’t turn off the light.”


Creative practice: comedy

“The year is 2054, Britain is ruled under a totalitarian government by a man named Peter. In this comedic style piece, we will follow a middle-class family tackle themes of status and climate change. Watch as the family tear each other to pieces over trying to figure out if climate change is real and see how their decisions may affect the course of the planet’s survival.”


Naomi headshot

Creative practice: writing and filming

“For my creative performance practice project, I have created a music video based around addiction, specifically alcoholism and how that affects a romantic relationship. It is filmed, edited, directed and sung by me. The song in the video is Crazy Bout You originally sung by recording artist Jessie J.”


Creative practice: art and design

“My piece is an art installation called Orbis Gaudium, which is Latin for orbit of joy. It is made up of roughly 70 embroidery hoops that have been woven with colourful thread. Each hoop will be hung from the ceiling to form a corridor. My aim with this piece was to bring a small bit of colour and joy into people’s lives, which it seems at this time we may need more than ever. This piece is designed to be interactive. I want the viewers to be able to walk through it, touch it and look through the hoops from different angles. I have always loved creating and crafting since I was young. This piece is mainly an exploration of that.”


Creative practice: choreography for camera

“My practice is choreography for camera. As part of my final project, you will watch a filmed character-based dance piece entitled “The Escapee”, choreographed, performed and edited by myself. I hope that when you watch this, you appreciate the storytelling dance and movement can convey, along with allowing yourself to go through the emotions with the character. Have you ever felt the desire to escape? Or were you forced to need to escape?”


Creative practice: scriptwriting

“Challenge your stereotypes, are men and women really treated differently? Find out in this 80’s style game show.”


Creative practice: videography

“Bored of life and the way things are going? Check out some comedy material that really shouldn’t be staged. Or should it? Either way, it’s going to be interesting.”


Creative practice: fine art and writing

“I will present an exhibition where fine art and poetry meet in a cryptic expression of emotion. Look at the canvas and allow the mysterious beauty of the language of flowers to captivate you while a recording of poetry swirls around you in a sensory experience.”


Creative practice: acting

“Sanity is never far away, it’s just like saying yes to the wrong impulses”
Based off this and other sources I’ve devised two stage performances, both contrasting one another, one explores sanity, and the other explores love and loss”


Creative practice: filmmaking and editing

Hello my name Is Beth Sharp and I’m a 22-year-old performer and filmmaker from Leicester, this year for my creative practice I am making a short film about body positivity and how bad relationships with our bodies stems from an unrealistic standard from society and media, and the name of my film is called ‘Finding Size Zero’. The goal of the film is to bring more awareness to people and to make people believe that they are beautiful no matter what society says.


Creative practice: screenwriting

“As a training actor in an exciting industry, I have never had the confidence or guidance to put my other creative skills into practice. My inherent curiosity of the human character and what drives us as people inform me mostly as an actor, but I finally have an opportunity to exercise that curiosity as a storyteller. After homing and working my skills in creating characters myself I am very excited and eager to present my very first original screenplay which I hope to take forward and hopefully see come to fruition and based on the feedback of my teachers and anyone curious to read will inspire to write even more of my own material.”


Creative practice: writing and directing

“As a person fascinated and often left in awe at the capabilities of theatre in engaging an audiences’ imaginations, creating of a new world in order to share a story and convey message and meaning, I wanted to try and create such an effect as an artist. This has inspired me to write my theatre piece; which, in itself, aims to inspire and entertain. As a work in progress, I hope you will see a foundation upon which a crazy story will come to life”


Creative practice: make-up artistry

“Travel through time with my gallery of images looking at makeup trends through history. Stop by the roaring 20s, swinging 60s, 80s club culture and the hip 90s. Reminisce or learn about different decades. Welcoming everyone to my gallery displaying editorial style prints. All created and shot by myself. I have been exploring different areas within the media makeup and special effects industry throughout our creative practice modules”


To keep up with all the work being produced and to see the final pieces click here. To find out more about the students and their work please follow their social media accounts.

  • Instagram: @unlike_in_nature_
  • Twitter: @UnlikeInNature.

We hope you enjoy viewing and learning about our creative projects!

To find out more about the course, click here.

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