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Motor Vehicle Maintenance… not just for men!


Casey Lauren Watson grew up with many mechanics in her family and now wants to become the first female mechanic in the family. After completing her secondary school education at New College, Leicester, Casey chose the Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair course at Leicester College.

After completing Level 1, Casey went onto Level 2 which she will complete in May 2022. Casey chose the course as she is aware that there aren’t many female mechanics and she wants “to show others that the profession is not just for men.”

One of Casey’s highlights of the course was the opportunity to go to Spain and work overseas. Casey also feels that the course suits her well as she enjoys helping people.

Once this level is complete, Casey plans to progress onto the next level of the course and then find a job. She said: “I hope to find a job as a mechanic with a garage that will judge me for my work and not my gender.”

Casey would recommend Leicester College to anyone considering it because she feels that it offers so many different opportunities.

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