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Mastering mechanics


It was a love for cars that led Dylan Greenwood to take up automotive engineering at Leicester College. Now at Level 3 of the Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician Advanced Apprenticeship working with Halfords, Dylan said: “I came here for my first year, since Leicester College was the only college that offered the course, I wanted to study, and I progressed as I went along.case study student

“This was the only course that was offered where I live, it covered what I wanted to do. Other colleges focused mainly on engineering, but I wanted to stick to mechanics and fix cars.

“In the future, I’d like to to go on and own my own garage with a Halfords franchise and just progress through that to see how far I can get.

“There’s a lot to learn at Leicester College -literally everything. I started off not knowing anything but now I can go under a bonnet and do most things, so it’s been quite a good experience for me.

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