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Manaal’s journey towards a career in mechanical engineering


20-year-old Manaal Munaffer has ambitions to becoming a qualified engineer and this is how his journey with Leicester College is preparing him for his future…

Manaal’s first steps towards a career in engineering began when he enrolled on the Access to Higher Engineering course at Leicester College post completing his GCSEs. He started this course in September 2022 and completed it by June 2023.

When asked about his experience on the course he said: “I enjoyed learning how things functioned and how different things work together.”

Continuing at Leicester College

Having enjoyed his course in Access to Higher Engineering, Manaal is planning on continuing his studies and is joining the mechanical and electrical HND at Leicester College, starting from October 2023. A Higher National Diploma (HND) qualification uses studying and practical elements to prepare students for a particular job and/or career.

Manaal said: “I believe that I would benefit from an HND certificate. I prefer working more hands on with things and improving my skills, and whilst I find theory interesting, I personally learn better when putting it in to practice.”

Manaal has chosen to continue furthering his studies with Leicester College. He explains his positive experience with the College and the advantages it has: “I am already familiar with the environment, there are extensive resources that I believe are useful and engaging.

“I would recommend Leicester College to other students as the environment is inclusive to everyone and its very motivational.”

Learning is a passion

Manaal is passionate about learning and intends to further his learning and knowledge by gaining qualifications that he knows will help him to reach his career goals.

“I’m interested in engineering and I wanted to get higher level qualifications so I can work in the industry. This course was the first step to achieving that.

“I believe that learning is something you never stop doing, even after you secure your dream job, there’s always things to be learnt.”

Leicester College is just the start in building your future

Once he has completed the mechanical and electrical HND, Manaal plans to go on to the next level and “get a degree at university within engineering, or a degree level apprenticeship” and then hopefully begin a career as a mechanical engineer.

Manaal believes that, after he completes his course Leicester College, the learning won’t stop there and that there are many more opportunities waiting for him.

Manaal said: “I could go into university, higher apprenticeship, etc. I believe there are more opportunities that have opened due to this course so I can choose what I want to do exactly.

“It’s the starting point to what I want to do. I want to become a qualified engineer.”

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