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Magdalena Mocarska is a Leicester College student on the Business Admin Level 3 course and is also working as an Accommodation Assistant for NHS Estates and Facilities, based at Glenfield Hospital.

In this role, she supports the Accommodation Manager to deliver and maintain a cost-effective and efficient residential accommodation service to all service users at the three University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust hospital accommodation sites.

Her main duties include:
• liaising with internal and external stakeholders
• managing bookings for staff and patient relatives
• providing an excellent administration service
• managing, updating and maintaining databases/logs
• optimising the relationship with tenants as customers of a high-quality service
• maximising accommodation bookings to ensure that income targets are achieved

Magdalena says:

“At University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, I have learned to be understanding, flexible and empathetic. With the current Covid-19 situation, where many bookings were cancelled at the last second or some of the tenants have to stay longer than planned. We provided accommodation for those working on the front line at the peak of the pandemic. All of us have had to face many difficult and challenging situations over the last few months. This is a very valuable lesson for me and many other key workers.

“It has only been a few months since I started my Business Administration course at Leicester College. Unfortunately, I only had the chance to meet my tutors and colleagues at the college just twice before we had to start courses online due to COVID-19. I do find myself missing the social side of the classroom. Being able to hear different experiences of my fellow students and bounce different ideas off each other.

“However, the knowledge I have gained so far is very useful. I feel that my IT skills are on a more professional level now having been shown the full functions of programmes such as Outlook and PowerPoint. Knowledge and understanding to recognise stakeholders and their role in the business was also very helpful.

“I was always very ambitious and my long-term career plans didn’t change much. After starting the course, I feel that I’m getting a bit closer to achieving my goals. I feel that the knowledge and skills that I’m gaining from each task help me to develop. I’m glad that University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and my management support my study and at the same time, help me to take that next step in my career progression.

“If anyone is planning to develop a career in an office business setting, it doesn’t matter if that will be administrator, secretary, receptionist or even if you plan to open your own business, this course is for you! This course will help you to understand the business and your role in the organisation. You will cover the topics from which every office worker will benefit, regardless of your role.

“The learning system that Leicester College uses is very good and easy, the tutors are very friendly and always there if you need help. I cannot imagine a better place to develop knowledge and skills.”

Belinda Derbyshire, Accommodation Manager, Estates and Facilities, based at Glenfield Hospital comments:

“Magdalena’s core role is to deal with accommodation bookings for all three hospitals. She deals with the enquiry and sends out a booking form so that she knows their requirements. Once the booking form is returned, Magda will then see what we have available, complete the booking process and book out accommodation. As soon as she receives confirmation of the booking, she will then do the necessary paperwork, such as tenancy agreements, invoicing, payroll forms, etc.

“Magdalena wanted to pick up some further skills that would enable her to provide an efficient way of working. She has informed me that she is enjoying the course and that it is very informative. She shares what she has learnt with her team and therefore, moving forward, the team can work more efficiently and look much more professional.

“Magdalena is doing very well in her job role. One of Magdalena’s particular strengths is that she is able to form good relationships with her colleagues, her customers and the tenants that live at the accommodation.

“She is also very helpful. She will assist wherever she feels she can help. Magdalena has introduced her work colleagues to different ways of doing things which has indeed made us work more efficiently.”

Dawn Barsby, Trainer Assessor – Business & Computing at Leicester College adds:

“Magdalena works in the accommodation department at the hospital and so has been very busy during Covid-19. Although it hasn’t been easy with a full-time job, she is still completing her college work to a high standard, is fully up to date with her work and has submitted every single task that she has needed to do. She has even completed her first reflective account for her final portfolio.

“I am really impressed with her focus and commitment to the course.”

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