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Kian shares why the Construction T Level: Electrical Installation was the right course for him


When he reviewed his options after completing his GCSEs, Kian Chapman was keen to learn more about electrical engineering and decided that the Construction T Level: Electrical Installation (Building Services Engineering Electrotechnical Engineering Specialism) course at Leicester College was the right one for him.

Encouraged by having done well in his GCSEs, he decided to forgo an apprenticeship since he did not have any prior experience of learning electrical engineering. Now in his first year on the new electrical installation T Level course, Kian recounted his learning experience and discussed his adjustment to college life.

When he was asked how he was finding his course, he said: “I’m finding it alright. It was scary at first because I didn’t really know anyone but it gets better as you get to know people – I’ve pretty much met one of my closest mates in this class.

“College life is different; the lessons are okay although they do get hard at a certain point but I’m getting used to it. The practical sessions are fun and the workshops are pretty nice, we’ve all got out own separate bays that two of us are in.”

Having attended the Future Faradays event, he said: “It’s been very informative, learning about the different aspects of how people got into the business and what we can do to get into the business. I listened to everyone and took in all their presentations so I understand the different sides to what we’ve already learnt. There are different ways in which we can further grow ourselves to become fully qualified electricians.”

For Kian, the key takeaway from the Future Faradays event was: “The different ways that you can get into the business, either through the apprenticeship route or the route that we’re doing now and how each of them can benefit you – perhaps the apprenticeship route may be better, or the T Level route may be better, so it’s just a personal preference whichever one you take.”

For others who are considering pursuing the electrical installation T Level at Leicester College, Kian said: “Have a look around first but this course is definitely a good one if you get the grades. If you know what you’re doing and if you’re hardworking and dedicated to what you’re doing, I’d say join this course because it is actually a lot of fun.”

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