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Insight into Care – Young Carers in Leicestershire


Leicester College work with Leicestershire County Council to support Young Carers under the age of 18.

If you would like support as a Young Carer living in Leicestershire, complete the referral process here, and a Young Carers Youth Worker will contact you to offer you an Assessment. Depending on your needs, you or/and your family will be offered support. You can receive up to four sessions of Direct Support where support staff will advocate on your behalf or signpost you to the appropriate services! 

In addition to Direct Work, you can be referred to other departments within the Children and Family Wellbeing Service. This is to make sure you receive the full support that you require. 

The Young Carers Service also offer the following Group Work Sessions: 

  • A 15+ County Young Adult Carer Group. You will be able to suggest areas you would like to develop; The Group Leader will organise sessions on those areas which you and your group will find most useful. 
  • The Young Carers Forum – A brilliant opportunity for you to raise awareness and influence change in the services that you want to engage in! 

Contact the Children and Family Wellbeing Service on 0116 305 8727 for more information.  

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