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Insight into Care: Leicester City Council Support Services


Carers play a vital role in the lives of their loved ones but this often comes at the cost of compromises elsewhere.

Did you know that there are organisations out there who can support and empower you in these circumstances?

This includes Leicester City Council who support Young Carers under 18s.

You will be offered the:

  • Young Person’s Assessment. This considers your needs and wishes so that you can be successful in your education, have time for hobbies and respite while still being there for your loved ones.    

Alongside this, Leicester City Council also provide:

  • An Early Help Assessment which determines your suitability for additional support to help with your caring responsibilities.
  • The Youth Service for Young Carers, a weekly meet-up offering a range of activities to help with socialising, well-being and just having fun. Activities include well-being checks, games, quizzes, group discussions and more.

For more information, contact Leicester City Council on 0116 454 1004 and choose option 1 to discuss this provision that is available for you.

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